How To Cancel Fashion Nova Order?

Fashion Nova is an excellent platform for people to get into style and fashion with a wide range of products. With stores and websites, you can easily purchase an item from Fashion Nova anywhere. Fashion Nova has grown through its online platform, and people have been finding it very convenient to purchase their favorite fashion items from the comfort of their homes.

Sometimes some of us end up ordering the wrong product, size, or color. In that case, most platforms provide us with a button to cancel our order immediately. But, since Fashion Nova does not have any cancel order button, it has been confusing for its customers if they can cancel their order on Fashion Nova. This article will take you through if it is possible to cancel a Fashion Nova order and how you can do it.

Is it possible to cancel Fashion Nova Order?

No, Fashion Nova doesn’t allow anyone to cancel Fashion Nova orders. They have no option to cancel or change your order once you have placed it online. You also won’t be able to change your billing address, payment method, or shipping method, add/remove discount code or remove items from your order. After you have confirmed your order, you won’t make any changes.

But if you wish to cancel your order, you can return the product after it has been delivered. Fashion Nova has made it easier for people to replace orders with their return portal. You can quickly return the item on Fashion Nova if it meets their Return policy.

Return Fashion Nova Order

You can return your item within 30 days from the date of delivery of the item, but if you receive damaged items, you can contact customer service within 14 days to return them. Fashion Nova will generally refund you with a Fashion Nova gift card. The refund will be processed within 5-7 business days after Fashion Nova receives their items back. 

  1. Open your Fashion nova Returns page in your browser.
  2. Enter your order number and email address.

3. Now, Open “My Orders.”

4. Select the items you want to return with a valid reason and your shipping address.

5. Check your return and confirm the items you wish to return.

6. Write down your email address and the payment method you want to get the refund.

7. Print the return label, follow through with the methods, and return the items to Fashion Nova.

If you find this method complicated, you can also return your products through email. You can email them [email protected] describing your reason for returning the product, including the order number and other proof attachments.

In-Store Refunds

You can also opt for in-store returns if you have a Fashion Nova store near you. But always make sure to carry a valid receipt and have all tags present in the item you are returning. 

Visit them during business hours and remember that they might not accept the return if they suspect fraudulent activities.

Although Fashion Nova will accept almost all items for an in-store refund, certain items are not refundable. Items such as bodysuits, accessories, clearance items, undergarments, dresses, NovaKids, and swimwear are not refundable so think twice before placing an order for the items on Fashion Nova. They also don’t refund items with price tags ending with $.96,  .97, .98, or 99 since they are considered sale items.

The in-store refunds are always done through gift cards and won’t provide you with cash refunds. 

Additional FAQs

How long does it take for Fashion Nova to process an order?

Fashion Nova takes different times to process different types of orders. The processing time of an order will be affected by various factors. Generally, Standard orders will take around four business days to process, Express orders are usually processed within three business days, and Rush orders take about one business day to process. 

Where should I ship my Fashion Nova Return?

When returning your Fashion Nova Item, they will provide you with an address to ship your item, but generally, the shipping address for return items of Fashion Nova is: Fashion Nova, Returns Department
12588 Florence Ave. Santa Fe Springs,
CA 90670

Can I track my order from Fashion Nova?

Like most online shopping platforms, you can track your order from Fashion Nova. Head over to the page to track your order and enter your order number to track your order status. You can check your order number in the order confirmation email if you can’t find it.

How long does Fashion Nova take to respond to emails?

If you have faced any issues with Fashion Nova, you can contact customer service directly or through an email address. Generally, Fashion Nova takes around 24-48 hours to respond to your queries and emails once it gets delivered to them. They have different customer service agents to handle and solve your problems on Fashion Nova, making it convenient for its users.

Do Fashion Nova gift cards expire?

No, Fashion Nova gift cards don’t expire. You can use the gift card whenever you want to use the gift card without worrying about the expiration date. Although the gift cards you have purchased will not have an expiration date, the non-purchasable promotional gift cards issued by Fashion Nova will have an expiration date. In case the gift card has an expiry date, Fashion Nova will notify you about it during the gift card issuance.

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