Entertainment and live digital streaming has subsequently evolved over the past decade. Brilliant innovations like Netflix, Hulu, and PrimeVideo are excellent examples amongst several others that have dynamically improved daily access to movies, shows, and series in a matter of clicks.

In 2020, the NBCUniversal company created its very own live streaming application called Peacock. This service offers unlimited streaming services to its users on a free trial or a paid subscription of $5 monthly. Pretty cheap right?

This makes it easily accessible to all users from all walks of life. This streaming service has over 20 million active users and subscribers globally. You may also wonder how to mirror iPhone to Roku tv without wifi.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to cast the Peacock app from your iPhone to your TV for a more vibrant and smooth streaming experience.

How To Cast Peacock To TV from iPhone?

To use the Peacock app on your iPhone or Android phone, follow these steps.

1. Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for the Peacock TV on the search bar at the top of the screen. 

Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Hit the search icon, download, and install the Peacock app to your iPhone or Android. 

Hit the search icon,

3. Open the app and enter the necessary information for registration and purchasing subscriptions.

4. All types of movies and tv shows would be made available to you for streaming on your iPhone. 

After you install the app, register and subscribe to the services on Peacock. You may want to cast your movies on your iPhone to your Smart TV. To do this, follow the steps below. 

1. Log into your Peacock account on your iPhone. Peacock is also compatible with other applications like Chromecast and Roku.

2. Next, ensure your iPhone and your Smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

3. From the Peacock app on your iPhone, choose the movie or video name you want to cast.

4. Tap on the AirPlay icon at the top-right corner of the screen of your iPhone. 

5. Select the device name of your Smart TV or Apple TV to which you want to cast your movie.


 Can I stream Peacock from iPhone to TV?

Of course, you can. As long as your devices are compatible with the Peacock app functionality. 

How can I play peacocks from my phone to my TV?

1. Install the Peacock app on your iPhone/iPad or Android Phone/Tablet through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store app. 

2. After installation, log in with your Peacock account details. 

3. Next, connect your streaming device to the same WiFi as your iPhone/iPad or Android Phone/Tablet.

4. Select the movie or series that you want to cast on your TV screen.

5. Tap on the Chromecast icon to begin casting.

Why is Peacock not mirroring my TV?

If the Peacock app is not mirroring on your Smart TV, here are a few fixes to resolve your mirroring issue. 
– Use a very strong and uninterrupted internet connection. 
– Erase your device’s cache and cookies.
– If the above solutions don’t work, uninstall and redownload the Peacock app on your iPhone. 

 Does Peacock allow mirroring?

Yes, it does. Peacock is very compatible with a lot of devices that allow screen mirroring. Examples of the main supported devices include Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Smart TVs.
Other devices include:
– Chromecast.
– Fire TV.
– Flex.
– PlayStation 4.
– Xbox One.
– Xfinity devices.

 How do I get Peacock on my TV?

If you want to install Peacock directly to your Smart TV, use these steps below.

1. Go to your TV’s app store, search and install the Peacock app.

2. log in to your account and access your favorite movies and tv shows.


The Peacock app is a streaming platform that allows you to watch and stream live content directly from its database. You can also download your favorite episodes and movies so that you won’t miss out on the most exciting and thrilling scenes. 

If you like how the Peacock app works and its subscription packages and costs, make sure you register and get your Peacock user account today!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial.

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