How To Change Caller Id On iPhone?

How To Change Caller Id On iPhone?

Unwanted calls can be a major inconvenience and often lead to lost business opportunities. Many people want to know how to change caller id on their iPhone but don’t have the patience or time to find it.

Did you know more than half of all adults use call blocking apps to avoid unwanted callers? Yet, these apps can be even more infuriating because some companies use different services so you may have a different app for every phone line!

Sometimes you have a serious contact to call; they don’t recognize your number and drop your call. That is a more embarrassing and disappointing moment, but that’s not the fault of anyone because you didn’t know the reason behind all this.

This article is the right solution to the caller ID issues on your iPhone. In this article, you will learn how to change the caller ID on iPhone with each and everything. You might be interested to learn how to stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them.

So let’s dig inside the article to know everything you want.

What Is A Caller ID, And How To Change a Caller ID on an iPhone?

A caller ID is a service associated with telephone service which allows a consumer to view the ID of incoming or outgoing calls. 

Sometimes you forget to save someone’s number on your iPhone, and this caller ID feature assists you in recognizing the incoming call of a person. 

Same case for the other side. When you call someone, you have a feature on your iPhone that shows a specific caller ID to the person you call.

In rare cases, you don’t want to show your caller ID or change your caller ID to ensure privacy. That is when you use some of the iPhone’s unique features, which allow you to change or hide your caller ID. 

Another reason is that sometimes, due to no updated iOS system, your ID may fail and shows the wrong ID to whoever you call it. The step-by-step guide below will teach you to change these settings without getting help from a third-party app

Steps To Change Caller ID On iPhone

Some people cannot change or turn off their caller ID on their iPhone, which is a quiet privacy issue. You can change the caller ID in a very simple and easy way. You need to follow these simple and easy steps below to change the caller ID:

  1. Open The iPhone Settings
Open The iPhone Settings

Unlock your iPhone by pressing the power button or by face unlock. Open your iPhone settings by tapping on the setting icon in the main menu. 

  1. Scroll Down To hone Option
Scroll Down To hone Option

In the settings menu, you will see the multiple settings option. You need to scroll down to find the phone settings.

  1. Open Phone Settings Option
Open Phone Settings Option

You will find the phone settings by scrolling down or searching in the search bar of settings given at the top of the screen. Tap on the phone button and open the settings.

  1. Change Your Number Or Change Show ID Option
Change Your Number Or Change Show ID Option

You will see my number on top of the options list in phone settings. Here you cannot change your number because it is registered with the cellular company, and AT&T cannot allow its consumers to change their number and ID by themselves.

Go down to show my caller ID. And tap on the option of showing my caller ID.

  1. Turn On/Off Caller ID Option
Turn On/Off Caller ID Option

Now you will have only one option, which indicates a turn on & off button. You need to turn off that will change your privacy setting, and no one can see your registered caller ID.


Can I Change My Outgoing Caller Id On iPhone, And How Do I Do It?

Yes, you can change your caller ID but not sure because not every cellular company allows its consumers to change their caller ID. So you need to check first about their privacy and policy section.
You can also call your cellular network customer support, who will tell you about the conditions you can change your outgoing caller id on your iPhone.

How Can Your Change The Name Shows On A Caller ID?

You cannot change your caller ID by yourself, but you can hide your caller ID by simply going into settings and disabling the “show my caller ID” option. They will ask you about the identification, and sooner or later, you will be able to change your caller ID.

Why is Caller ID Showing A Wrong Name On iPhone? 

Sometimes the carrier settings cause a failure in showing the real caller ID to others’ phones. That is the problem that occurs due to outdated softwares of carriers which causes glitches or fails to read the real caller ID.
You can avoid this problem by following the steps given below:
1. Open your iPhone settings
2. Open general settings
3. Locate the about section of your iPhone
4. Find the update option if there is any new update available
5. If there is any new update available, then quickly update your software
6. That will remove the bugs and fix the problems in your iPhone 
7. Now your caller ID on your iPhone will become in a correct form

Can I Change My Caller ID on iPhone 13?

Yes, you can change your caller ID settings on your iPhone 13 by turning off and on the option. In iPhone settings, you will observe an option of showing my caller ID, which you can search by search bar in settings shown on top of the screen. 
Just type show my caller ID, and the feature will appear. Now tap on the option to turn it off, turning its color green to white.


Having an unknown or unwanted number show up on your phone is nothing short of frustrating. 

It’s not only distracting from your day and annoying but also a huge inconvenience – especially if you’re expecting an important call and miss it because you didn’t want to answer a call from an unknown number.

It’s a simple process that will take just a couple of minutes and doesn’t require any special apps. You must follow the guide above about “how to change caller ID on iPhone.”

The process is much simpler than you can think of. So if you find this article fruitful regarding your issues, we would love to hear your positive thoughts.

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