How To Change Instagram Layout Back?

Many applications try to change apps to new features that users can love. Instagram made one such change on May 2022, changing the layout of Instagram. Change might be hard to accept, but the new layout was never received well by many people. Although other users were taken back to their old Instagram layout, others are still struggling with how to deal with the feature. There is no direct way of disabling the new layout, but here are two fixes you can use to go back to the old Instagram layout.

2 Ways to Change Instagram Layout Back 

As highlighted earlier in the introduction, there is no direct way of changing the Instagram layout to the old one. The new Instagram layout may get you bored when they show you content from people you don’t know and don’t follow. Although the feature cannot be disabled directly, researchers have indicated two ways users can view the old Instagram layout without posts from people they don’t know. 

Change Instagram Layout Back by Updating Your App

Instagram changed the layout to the old one once several users complained about the latest released layout. But not all users were taken back to the old layout indicating the applications they are using are not up to date. The latest Instagram applications consist of the old layout. Therefore, follow the steps below to update your application if you are on the latest layout.

  1. Android users can open the Google Play store.
Android users can open the Google Play store
  1. Click on the Search bar on top of the screen and type in Instagram.
Click on the Search bar on top of the screen and type in Instagram
  1. Tap on Instagram once it gets listed.
  2.   If you use the old version, you will see an update option. Click on Update to make changes.

Once you open your Instagram, you will notice that reels and stories are shown in the old layout. Moreover, you will no longer see posts from people you don’t know or follow.

Scroll Through Instagram Through the Following or your Favorite Option

The other option you have when you don’t want to see the new Instagram layout is to change to following or favorites when viewing posts on the platform. This will enable you to view only posts of the people you follow, eliminating posts from people you don’t follow.

To achieve that, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your Instagram app.
  2. Once on the home screen, click on the Instagram drop-down menu on top of the screen. 
How To Change Instagram Layout Back
  1. Two options will be indicated. Click on either Following when you want to see posts of the people you follow or on favorites.

Once you execute the above steps, Instagram will show you posts of the people you follow if you select the following option. This indicates that all posts from people you don’t know won’t appear on your timeline.

FAQs On Instagram Layout

How Can I Change My Instagram Layout to the Old One?

Instagram does not offer a direct feature of changing the new layout, but there are a few tricks you can use to achieve your aim. The first option you can use is to update your Instagram application. Once you update Instagram, the latest changes will enable you to have your old layout. Additionally, you can click on the Instagram option and view only the people you follow on Instagram.

Why Is My Instagram Showing Posts from People I Don’t Follow?

On May 2022, Instagram released a new feature where they can show you posts from people not on your following list. Instagram, however, removed the feature after many users complained about it, but you may find your applications still stuck on the old layout. 

Is It Possible to Change My Instagram View?

Yes. Sometimes you may find Instagram showing you some content that you don’t find attractive. If you find the posts you view are from people you don’t know, you can change that by selecting to view the people you follow. You can launch Instagram and click on Instagram, then choose the Following or Favorite option. Your view will get changed immediately. 

Is it Possible Not to View Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels can be boring when you don’t have time or use mobile data. In such a case, you may not want to spend all your data on Reels. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable views on the mobile app. The only option you have is to access Instagram via the desktop website.

When Will Instagram Remove Reels from Feeds?

Instagram has not yet announced removing reels from the feeds people see. Instagram removed the IGTV feature, but reels are yet to be removed, and there has been no communication regarding when the feature might be removed. If you don’t want to encounter reels, access Instagram via a web browser.

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