How to Change Instagram Name Within 14 Days?

Unlike other social apps that take 30 days to change the profile name, it only takes 14 days to change your Instagram name. Isn’t that great!

Instagram allows all its user to change their account names twice in a 14-day phase. For instance, if you change your Instagram name today and do it again tomorrow, you would have to wait for fourteen days in order to change it again.

Step By Step Guide To Change Your Name On Instagram Within 14 Days.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
edti profile
  1. Tap ‘Edit Profile’ & choose the ‘Name tab’
edit name
  1. Enter your new name & Save the changes
save name


Why can I only change my name twice in 14 days?

Due to fake account owners changing their names frequently on Instagram, the Instagram company updated its policy in order to regulate these fake accounts as well as hackers on Instagram.
For this reason, you can’t change your Instagram name twice within 14 days. You will have to wait until the 14-day phase is over to change your Instagram name.

I don’t want to wait for 14 days to change my name. Is there any other option?

Yes, the only option to change your Instagram name before 14 days are over is to delete your old account and create a new one. 
Instagram is very strict on using behind-the-door ways to get your account name changed. This could land you in trouble and could lead to your Instagram account being disabled.

Which name does Instagram allow me to change?

It is good to note that, you cannot change your real name on Instagram. However, you can change the name that appears on your Instagram bio. 
Because of strict security measures on Instagram you have to enter your real name when signing up on Instagram. After signing up you can either choose to maintain your original name or add a new account name of your choice.


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