How To Change Instagram Password Without Old Password?

How To Change Instagram Password Without Old Password?

Social media accounts security is more important when you have a huge fan following. Sometimes a weak password of your account can easily be cracked by professionals. Instagram offers changes in its policies from which you can easily and safely change your password. You might be wondering how to change your Instagram password without an old password. Don’t worry, we have got you a solution.

You may also learn how to see your password on Instagram if you forget your password so often.

Keep reading this article until the end to get a deeper understanding of how to change your Instagram passwords without an old password on Instagram. Let’s start.

What Is Instagram? And How To Change Instagram Password Without Old Password?

Instagram is still a hugely important social media account for many people, so it’s important to understand how to manage it securely. This blog post will cover how to protect your human and social capital by using a strong password and removing a weak one. 

Before starting, you must remember that if you log in to your Instagram account through Facebook, you must change your password via Facebook settings, not Instagram. So let’s move into the guide where you will learn about Instagram password-changing criteria.

Steps To Change Instagram Password Without Old Password

In this step-by-step guide, you need to follow each step either on your smartphone or desktop browser. So let’s jump into the detailed guide and follow all my steps.

  1. Open Profile On Browser
Open Profile On Browser

Log in to your Instagram profile on your laptop or smartphone. 

  1. Open Profile Settings
Open Profile Settings

Here you will see a gear logo. Click on it.

  1. Click On Change Password
Click On Change Password

A list of options will open when you click on the setting logo. Choose the change password option.

Click On Forgot Password

Click On Forgot Password

A new window will open. There is an option to change the password by inserting only an old password. But if you don’t remember the old password, quickly log out from your account and look at the next step below.

  1. Click Forgot Password On Log In Screen
Click Forgot Password On Log In Screen

Now, you will see the forgot password option below the Facebook login. Click on this.

  1. Send Login Link
Send Login Link

Instagram will ask you two options to reset. One is Email, and the other is the registered phone number on your account.

  1. Email Confirmation
Email Confirmation

We chose Email as a recovery option. On the next window, your hidden Email will appear with hinted letters and a confirmation of the Email sent.

  1. Open Mail And Choose Reset Password
Open Mail And Choose Reset Password

When you open your registered Instagram account email, you will see two options, one with a login and the other with a reset. Choose the reset password option.

  1. Reset Instagram Password Without Old Password
Reset Instagram Password Without Old Password

A link will open, and you will be directed to a screen where the new password option will show without the old password. Now put in your new password and click on reset to secure your Instagram account easily.


How Do I Change My Instagram Password If I Forgot The Old One?

You can easily change your Instagram account password if you forgot it by following these simple steps:
1. Click on the forgot password option on the Instagram login screen below the Facebook login option.
2. Put your required method of resetting your password among Email, phone number, and username.
3. Then follow the instructions on whatever option you choose. They will send you a reset link click on it and change your Instagram password.

How Do I Reset My Instagram Password?

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone or login into your account on your browser
2. Choose the profile logo on the main home screen and tap on it
3. Now tap on the settings gear logo
4. Select the privacy and passwords
5. Enter your old password or current password, then enter and confirm your new Instagram account password

How Can I Change My Instagram Password 2022?

Instagram makes it very easy and safe to reset your account password 2022. You have to choose “forgot password” on the login screen on the browser. Then enter one of the three options: Email, username, and mobile number. A link will be sent to you, and follow the instructions to reset your Instagram password.

How To Find Out What My Instagram Password Is?

There are a few methods through which you can find your Instagram password. The simple one is given below:
1. Open your android or iPhone mobile settings.
2. Open the accounts section and choose the google account settings.
3. You will be directed to a new window where you must select “Manage your Google account.” 
4. There choose the password management option and find the Instagram app password.

Who Owned The Instagram?

Mark Zuckerberg owns Instagram as he owns META. It was founded in February 2004. It introduced the concept of sending photos through telegram. So that is why they named it combined Instagram.

How Can I Reset My Instagram Password Through Email?

You can easily reset your Instagram password through Email by following these easy steps:
1. Click on forgot password option shown on the Instagram account login screen on your browser 
2. Enter the Email on which you registered your account
3. Open your mailbox and click on the reset link given in the Email by Instagram
4. Please enter your new password and confirm it


No matter how often you change your password, Instagram won’t bother or restrict you. You can change and even turn on the double authentication mode of security on your account so your account login security will double.

There are very rare conditions when you face difficulties changing your Instagram password. That’s why you look for the best guide: how to change your Instagram password without an old password. 

The above guide has all the questions and answers with an easy step-by-step process to change your Instagram password. When you read the above article, you can change your password easily.

Please tell us about your experience if you find this article useful below n th comments section. Also, check out our more exciting easy guides on the “How To” series and ensure you won’t go anywhere without giving positive feedback about this article.

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