How to Change My Fastag Bank Account?

Once you install the FASTag system, you are required to link it with a bank account so that whenever you cross any toll plaza, your bill is automatically debited from your bank account without needing any cash. You should update your FASTag details when you move your bank account to another institution to avoid trouble at the toll plazas. Let’s take a look at the various ways in which you can change your FASTag details.

Steps to Change the FASTag Paytm Bank Account

This procedure is for changing the bank account of a FASTag linked to a Paytm bank account.

  1. Login to your Paytm application/online portal.
Login to your Paytm application/online portal.
  1. Find the wallet section and click to open it.
  1. Tap to open the “Manage FASTag” section.
Tap to open the “Manage FASTag” section.
  1. Under the Manage FASTag section, click to open the “Link Bank Account.”
  2. Enter the bank account details, then submit. You will receive an email to confirm the bank account change.

How to Change the FASTag Bank Account at the Toll Booth?

Here is the procedure for changing a bank account linked to your FASTag at the toll.

  1. Provide your details at the toll authority. You will be required to provide the details of both your old and new bank accounts for a seamless bank account change.
  2. The toll authority officials will process the bank account change for you and update your FASTag account information.

By Visiting the Customer Service Center

You can visit a customer service center and inform them that you want to change your FASTag bank account. The customer service executive will then ask you for details such as the FASTag and the new bank account numbers. Once you have provided the details, they will process your request and update your account information.

How to Recharge Fastag Account from New Linked Bank Account?

You can recharge your FASTag account from your bank account by following the procedure stipulated by the respective issuing bank.

To recharge your FASTag through the Paytm app;

  1. Login to your Paytm account on the application
  2. Find the Recharge section and click to open it.
  3. Under the Recharge section, click to open the “FASTag” area.
  4. Select your issuer bank account.
  5. Enter your Vehicle registration number followed by the recharge amount. Then select the mode of payment.

Important Tips

  1. While selling your car, make sure you close the FASTag account, or else toll fees will be deducted from your bank account when the new owner gets through the toll station.
  2. The toll amount deduction is made automatically from your linked bank account once you pass through a toll station. This process takes a short time, and you will receive an SMS alert to the registered mobile number.
  3. You can receive payment statements from the FASTag web portal or the FASTag app.
  4. You can change your FASTag bank account details at any time.


How much does it cost to buy a FASTag?

When you approach the certified FASTag providers, you will be required to give a one-time joining fee of about Rs 200. Furthermore, you might be required to pay a refundable deposit depending on the type of vehicle. This deposit will be refunded at the time of account closure.

How do I cancel my FASTag account?

While selling your vehicle, you need to cancel your account, or else the new owner can take advantage and use your balance. The process of canceling the FASTag account is pretty similar for various providers. All you need to do is contact your FASTag provider and submit a FASTag deactivation request. In addition, it is possible to deactivate your account temporarily by contacting your provider and submitting a deactivation request.

How do I get a refund on FASTag?

At the time of account closure, you are required to return the tag to the provider. Then the bank will refund the deposit as well as the unused balance.

Can I change the bank account of my FASTag?

Yes, you can change your FASTag bank account. You need to follow the appropriate procedure, as explained in this article. You are at liberty to choose the most efficient method for you.

Can I change the bank account of someone else’s FASTag?

No, you cannot change the FASTag bank account of someone else. You can only change your FASTag bank account. In addition, you cannot transfer ownership to another party. If you plan to stop using the vehicle, you should close the Fastag account.

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