How To Change My Region On Instagram?

Instagram is a platform where you express your feelings, pictures, and lovely moments with your followers. Celebrities from worldwide use to post their photos and activities on Instagram from posts and stories.

If you are living in any Europe country and now you moved to the Us, suddenly your Instagram account is not working like usual. Your audience drops considerably, and you are not getting the local audience either.

When you try to change your address or region on your Instagram personal account, there is no option showing in settings which may be stressful. That is why you are wondering how to change my area on Instagram.

In this article, you will learn about the only legit method to change your Instagram region.

So, let’s dig deeper inside the article to explore the quick and most straightforward method you are looking for.

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What Is Region, And How To Change Region On Instagram?

Regions are territories or divided areas according to climate or physical and geographical characteristics. 

There are several regions in the world in which somewhere there are many countries lie in one region or many regions lie in one country according to their areas.

Whenever you move to another country, your region requires to change to adjust to that region. 

There are many suggestions to change your region with two methods on the web. One is with a VPN, and the other is by switching your account to a professional.

The VPN method is a bit risky and not recommended by anyone because you must first look at whether VPN is providing your region or not. If not, you will have to purchase it and other risky stuff.

The step-by-step guide below is the recommended and legit method you can do without any hassle. So, ensure you follow each step carefully so you might not get in trouble.

Steps To Change Region On Instagram

Kindly follow the quick and easy steps below to make sure your Instagram regions are set to their desired location:

  1. Open Instagram App
Open Instagram App

Open your Instagram app on your smartphone. Locate it in the main menu and tap on the Instagram logo.

  1. Open Profile Menu
Open Profile Menu

In the main app interface, you need to open the profile menu. The profile menu can be opened by tapping on the profile logo at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

  1. Tap On Three Lines Option
Tap On Three Lines Option

In the main profile menu, tap on the three lines button at the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Open Settings
Open Settings

After tapping on the three lines button, choose the settings option. Tap on the settings option. In the settings option, locate the preferences and open it. B 

  1. Switch To Professional Account
Switch To Professional Account

Now in the preferences section, you need to locate the switch account option at the bottom of the list. Tap on the second last option, “switch to a professional account.” 

  1. Follow the Steps And Continue
Follow the Steps And Continue

Now follow the process given by Instagram to switch your account from personal to professional. After completing this process go back to the profile menu.

  1. Open Edit Profile And Choose Contact Option
Open Edit Profile And Choose Contact Option

In the main profile menu, tap on the edit profile button at the bottom of your bio. Then in the profile editing section, choose the contact options shown in the list.

  1. Open Business Address
Open Business Address

In contact options, select the business address option by tapping on it. This business address will be your primary address, which will change your regional address.

  1. Change Region Address
Change Region Address

Now change your regional address as per your requirements. Enter the city and zip code accordingly. If you don’t know the zip code of your area, then search it on the internet.

  1. Address Is Changed
Address Is Changed

After changing the address, you can now see your region is changed. But still, your account is on professional mode, so you need to change it back to the personal account the same way you change it into the professional one.


How Can I Change Country On My Instagram Business Account?

You can change your Instagram business account location by following the steps below:
1. Open your Instagram app
2. Log in to your Instagram business account
3. Tap on the profile logo
4. Tap on the three-line button and choose settings
5. Locate location or business address option in profile edit
6. Change the country location as per the requirement

How Do I target A Country On My Instagram Account?

There are several standard methods that most influencers use to target the audience in the country where they are living. Some of them are given below:
1. Use the relative hashtags that are highly recommended in your country. Similarly, Addressing if you use the native language of that country in your hashtags would be a plus point
2. By careful method occasionally, you can also add the target location in your post but not too much because you can get banned in terms of scam
3. Also, you can utilize ads tools to show the target audience your posts

Why Is Instagram Music Showing Not Available In My Country 2022?

There is a specific reason why you don’t get the music in your country because of your IP address. Your mobile device contains a unique IP address that cannot be changed. 
So, if you use the internet on that device, that detects your IP address and location. If the country where you are using your Instagram account is prohibited from using some Instagram music, you will see those notifications in several videos.

How Do I Change My Region On Instagram iPhone 2022?

You can change your region on Instagram 2022 by switching your account to a professional one.
Then you must change the address of your business account by going into the edit profile option. After changing your address, you may change your profile to a personal account type.


The region is critical when trying to run a business from your Instagram account. It would be best if you had a target audience, and you must have an account based on that region.
That is why the guide above is about the region and how you change it and do your job smoothly. If you like the content, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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