How to Change Screen Size on Xbox One?

No one loves it when you notice the edges of the screen appearing like they have been cut off during your gaming session. The problem arises when you have incorrect display settings, making your TV screen and the Xbox not fit each other. Before you panic, there is a way to resolve the problem, and the best part is that your Xbox has a feature that comes in handy in calibrating your TV screen to attain the perfect display size. Sounds interesting? Stick around, and let’s get into the details. This article includes a detailed guide on How to Change Screen Size on Xbox One.

Steps to Change Screen Size on Xbox One

Most users face the challenge of their Xbox display settings failing to fit their TV screen. When that happens, you will note that Xbox is cutting your screen, or Xbox will appear like it’s zoomed. That’s unfortunate, as the poor display kills the vibe in your gaming experience, and unless you know how to adjust the screen display on your Xbox, you will stay annoyed.

The good news is that you can calibrate your TV to ensure the Xbox screen fits. Xbox understands that not all display settings fit with every TV screen, so they add a feature to help you calibrate the TV screen using the steps below.

  1. Locate your controller and press the button for Xbox
  2. A pop-up menu will appear, and using your controller, go to the System tab
Go to the System tab
  1. Move to the Settings section
Move to the Settings section
  1. A new window will open up with various settings options. 
  2. Navigate to the General tab
  3. Select the option for TV & display
How to Change Screen Size on Xbox One
  1. Under the display, set your resolution to the highest pixels
  2. Select the Calibrate TV option
Select the Calibrate TV option
  1. Go through the prompts on the screen and click Next
How to Change Screen Size on Xbox One
  1. A screen with all details regarding the appropriate TV display settings 
  2. Click Next again, and instructions on how to adjust the TV’s display will appear

Once you’ve followed the instructions, you will fix the Xbox display that initially did not fit on your TV screen. Calibration is the best way to make your Xbox fit your TV screen. With the steps above, you now understand and have a working solution for your Xbox one screen.

FAQs On Xbox One Screen

How Can I Make My Xbox to Perfectly Fit the TV Screen?

If your Xbox is larger or smaller than your TV screen, your best option is to adjust its resolution to fit. You can adjust the display resolution by opening the System tab on your controller. Under the settings tab, go to the option for Display and sound. Click on the video output option and select the option for TV resolution. Finally, set a resolution that fits the display of your TV screen.

Why Is My Xbox One Giving Resolution Errors?

There are multiple reasons why Xbox One gives errors. Common reasons include having a faulty HDMI cable, your console being outdated, using an incorrect HDMI cable, and firmware error. If you are having any of the listed errors, that can easily disorient the resolution of your Xbox One or the Series console. If you notice your Xbox One getting stuck at a specific resolution, especially 640 x 480, those are the cause you should look out for.

How Can I Adjust My Screen Size for Xbox One Fortnite?

To adjust the screen size, you must be an Xbox One user. If so, open your system settings and navigate to the Display menu. Various options will get displayed. Select the “Calibrate HDTV” option by clicking on the “Video Output” button. Keep pressing the “Next” button until your screen size resets. If you encounter errors in the future, repeat the same process to reset your screen size.

How Can I Fix My Xbox Taking Half My Screen?

If your Xbox One resolution gives an error, you will notice the display getting disoriented, and one such sign is your Xbox occupying half the screen size. When that happens, you need to reset the screen size of your Xbox One to fit. Refer to the steps presented in this guide to use the calibrate TV feature of Xbox One, which gives the exact settings you should adjust for your TV screen to fit with the Xbox.

How Can I Fix It When Xbox Gets Stuck at 640 x 480?

When this error happens, your TV settings don’t align with those currently set on your Xbox. In that case, you must fix your Xbox settings and ensure they are compatible with those of your TV screen. The best way to achieve that is using the calibrate TV feature on your Xbox’s settings.

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