How To Change The Emoji On Instagram?

Instagram initially gave us the option to use emojis to comment on posts and use them in our Instagram stories and captions on posts. Now, emojis can also be used to react to the messages we receive on Instagram Messenger and are known as ‘super react‘ emojis. We can use almost any emoji from the collection to express our feelings. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Change The Emoji On Instagram.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem necessary to reply to a message. This might be because the message might be minor, and you would just want to acknowledge it, or you might want to avoid the conversation. Even when people react to your stories, you would just want to react back using emojis and not long sentences. So you can just react to the message and leave it to that. You can follow the below instructions to learn how to react to messages.

Step By Step Guide To Change The Emoji On Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram application and tap on the Messenger option in the top right corner.
How To Change The Emoji On Instagram
  1. Open a DM that you have received.
Open a DM that you have received
  1. If you double tap on the message, the message will immediately be liked by you, showing a red heart on the message.
How To Change The Emoji On Instagram
  1. If you want to use the other emojis to react to the message, then long tap the message, and you will be presented with certain emoji options.
How To Change The Emoji On Instagram
  1. You can choose from the presented ones by tapping on the ‘+’ option choose from more.
You can choose from the presented ones
  1. When you click on the desired emoji, your reaction will appear on the message. The notification of you reacting to the message will be sent to the sender.
When you click on the desired emoji your reaction will appear on the message


Why am I not able to react to my messages on Instagram?

This might be happening because your Instagram might not have been updated to the newest version. To do so, you can open the App Store page on your phone, type Instagram, and tap on the ‘Update’ option. If that has already been done, then go to Instagram’s Settings and select ‘Update Messaging’ to learn how to allow emoji reactions.

Will the other person know that I have reacted to their message?

Yes, when you react to a message sent by them, they will get the notification that you have reacted to their message. They will also be notified which emoji was used to react to their message. The notification pops up the same way that a proper message notification.

Can I replace the reaction, that I initially reacted with?

Yes, you can change the reaction you sent to the message. You just need to long tap on the message again and choose from the emojis that will appear on your screen. You can change emojis multiple times for a single message. The receiver will only get one notification with the last used emoji and not multiple notifications, so that is a relief.

What are quick reactions and how are they different from super reactions to messages?

Quick reactions are the set of emojis that you get on your screen when you are about to send a message to someone while replying to their stories. The difference is that quick reactions are used while only reacting to stories, and a limited set of emojis will be given as an option to use, which is not the case in reactive emojis for messages.

Is changing reactions on Instagram similar to that on Whatsapp?

Yes, the option to react and change your directions on messages is also provided by WhatsApp, which is similar to the one in the Instagram application. However, the option was first available on Instagram and then became popular amongst WhatsApp users.

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