How to change TikTok Profile Picture?

A profile picture is essential to your digital presence. It tells about the profile holder’s thinking, mood, openness, conscientiousness, assertiveness, extraversion, and neuroticism. That is why we will tell you how to change the TikTok Profile picture on the popular social media platform.

So, let’s get started with the procedure.

Step by Step procedure to change TikTok profile picture?

Changing your profile picture or uploading for a new account is an easy task that does not require too much tech knowledge. Still, people get confused while changing their profile picture over TikTok. For such naïve people, we have listed all possible ways to change or upload their TikTok profile picture. 

Method # 1: Change the TikTok profile picture by Edit profile option

A couple of options are available to change the profile picture over mobile. Here we are discussing the change of the TikTok profile picture by the “Edit Profile” option. For which we have to follow the below steps:

Step # 1: Go to “All Apps” on your mobile.

all apps

Step # 2: Locate & open the TikTok app on your phone

tiktok. How to change TikTok Profile Picture?

Step # 3: Now “Sign In” to your account if you are not already signed in.

Step # 4: Locate the “Profile” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. (On some old phones, it will be mentioned as “Me”).

How to change TikTok Profile Picture?

Step # 5: You are now inside the profile page, where you can see a couple of options available, and “Edit Profile” is one of them.

tiktok profile

Step # 6: Tap on the “Edit Profile” option.

edit profile. How to change TikTok Profile Picture?

Step # 7: It will direct you to the profile editing page, where you will be able to add or change your Name, Picture, Username, biodata, etc.

edit tiktok profile

Step # 8: As we intend to change the profile picture, we will select the “Change Photo” option by hitting the camera icon.

change photo. How to change TikTok Profile Picture?

Step # 9:  It will open a new popup window with options such as “Take a Photo,” “Select from Gallery,” and “View Photo.”

select photo

Take a photo: You can take a selfie or a picture from your camera to set your profile picture.

Select from Gallery: This option is used to set your profile picture from one of the images in your mobile’s gallery.

View Photo: If you want to see or adjust the current profile picture, you can do it by utilizing this option. 

Step # 10:  Once you have selected the desired photo or clicked your picture via camera, press “Confirm.”

confirm edit

Step # 11 It will allow you to adjust the photo within the profile picture frame.

Step # 12:  Simply press “Save” to set the selected photo as your profile picture.

crop photo. How to change TikTok Profile Picture?

Method # 2: Change the TikTok profile picture by tapping the “Photo” option

TikTok also provides us with an alternative way to set a profile picture which is a bit different from the “Edit profile” option, which you have seen in the previous method. So, let’s explore this option.

As you already know how to access and locate TikTok, we are not discussing it again and moving forward with the essential steps.

Step # 1: After “Sign In” to your account over TikTok.

Step # 2: Go to the “Profile” option.


Step # 3: Instead of tapping on the “Edit Profile” button, hit your “profile picture.” 

change photo. How to change TikTok Profile Picture?

(but do not hit the “+” sign as it will direct you to set the video or picture over the story, which is not our requirement right now)

Step # 4: After hitting the “Profile Picture,” It will open your current profile picture with a “Pencil” icon.

profile icon

Step # 5: This “Pencil” icon will allow you to upload a new picture of your choice from the gallery, and the rest of the options will remain the same as we have seen in the previous method.

Method # 3: Setting a video on your TikTok profile 

TikTok is one of the apps that take every possible step to fulfill their user’s increasing expectations; that is why it has allowed you to post a video instead of a photo on your profile. So let’s review the steps below to post a video over your profile.

Step # 1: Open the TikTok app on your phone and “Sign In” to your account


Step # 2: Go to the “Profile” option.

tiktok feed

Step # 3: Press the “Edit Profile” button.

tiktok profile

Step # 4: Instead of tapping on the “Change photo” icon, click on “Change Video.”

edit profile

Step # 5: It will open the mobile device’s gallery from where you can select your desired video (which you want to upload over your profile).

edit profile

Step # 6: After that, you need to crop the video (as TikTok allows only 6 seconds of length)

trim and crop

Step # 7: Once you are done with the selection process, press the “Save” button

Step # 8: It will upload your video instantly and make it available to all the users.

TikTok allows you to change/remove this video any time you want, in a similar way as you can change the profile photo.

FAQs on TikTok Profile Picture

Can we change the TikTok profile picture from the website?

Although TikTok is an app that always seeks to provide its users with something extra, unfortunately, it does not provide the functionality of changing the profile picture from the web till now. Instead, you can easily change the profile picture on Android App or iOS mobiles. 

How to fix TikTok profile picture change issues?

Setting or changing a profile picture is a pretty straightforward method. Still, at times you may encounter problems, such as the profile picture does not change, the change is not reflected over your profile, or you cannot upload the photo. So, the easiest solution is to restart the app, forcing it to reload or try updating it. These methods will remove any glitches, and you are good to go.

Where is my TikTok profile picture gone?

One fine morning, if you observe that your profile picture is gone for no reason, then may be your profile has become a victim of the TikTok bot removal campaign. As TikTok is on a mission to remove profile pictures that are inappropriate, may contain illicit content, or have been changed by bots. Once you complete this activity, you can set your profile picture again. 

Can we set a video over the TikTok profile?

Yes, this option is available. TikTok understands the importance of the profile area, so they have provided us with the feasibility of uploading a photo or video as our display picture. 

How do I know who viewed my profile picture over TikTok?

TikTok does not explicitly provide the profile picture views; instead, it will tell you the number of views over your profile, including the profile picture. This feature was not there before March 2022, but as we know, TikTok always tries its best to facilitate its users with new features. 

Why do we need to set up TikTok Profile Photo or Video?

TikTok is a fantastic app that has already gained popularity among fun-loving users, so people are adapting it for various purposes, such as posting their jokes, dance videos, making a statement, or even for business purposes. Setting a profile picture is an essential function as it will help your audience to know you better, and this is why TikTok allows us to upload a photo or a video over our profile so we can make the most of it. You can also change your number on TikTok without any hassle.

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