How To Change Your Instagram Icon 2022?

Are you bored of seeing the same Instagram icon every day? Do you want to know how to change your Instagram Icon 2022? If yes, then you must know if there is any specific and authentic way to change the Instagram Icon or not. Read this article to learn tips and tricks to change the Instagram icon.

Step-by-step guide How to Change Your Instagram Icon?

We will teach you to change your Instagram Icon in quick ways. There are some ways for Android users to change their Instagram icons. These ways are rather tricky and challenging, but you can try them anyway. You can get a refreshing air by changing the Instagram Icon.

You can download some apps on your Android phone to change your Instagram icon. The Instagram Icon holds the shape of a square, circle, and dot that gives a glimpse of an old and classical camera. On the tenth anniversary of Instagram, it allowed its users to use Instagram settings to change the icon. 

But that was for a short time and basically to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Instagram. Nevertheless, you can use third-party apps to change the icon of Instagram. Let’s get started with the process.

Step 1- Download the App

There are many apps available on the Google play store that you can download to change your Instagram icon. Many of these apps contain ads and are not free of cost. In most apps, you need to see the in-app ads if you want to unlock the features. 

The X icon Changer app is a better working and free app, among others. You can download this app, or if you have any other Icon changer app in mind, then you can download that too. 

x icon changer

Step 2- Select Widgets

In this step, you need to tap and hold for a couple of seconds on the blank spot on your phone’s home screen. A drop-down menu will open with the options including “Widgets.” Select that option. 

phone widgets

Step 3- Find X Icon Changer

Now in this step, you are required to scroll down until the X Icon Changer app appears on your screen. Choose where you want to place this app on your phone’s home screen. 

How To Change Your Instagram Icon 2022?

Step 3- Tap Instagram

Go through the list of apps you have downloaded on your phone and stop when the app of Instagram comes. Tap on the Instagram app. 

How To Change Your Instagram Icon 2022

Step 4- Select the Icon

Now you can change, upload, or select the new icon for the Instagram app on your phone. You can browse the pre-made Icons in the app or select any photo from your phone library. You can also take a picture at that very moment and make it your new Instagram Icon. 

How To Change Your Instagram Icon 2022

Step 5- Tap on Ok

After you have chosen the icon for your Instagram app, tap on “Ok.”

An ad may appear on your screen, and you might have to watch it to complete the steps of changing the Instagram Icon. 

How To Change Your Instagram Icon 2022

You have learned successfully to change the Instagram Icon on your Android phone. 

What is the need for size and dimensions in Instagram profile pictures?

Size and dimensions are significant in Instagram profile pictures. Your Instagram profile pictures must be clear and in HD quality. For example, the size required for an Instagram profile picture is 180 × 180 on laptops or PC. 

Whereas 110 × 110 pixels on your mobile phone. The Instagram display picture is in the circle, so you must upload a square photo. The ratio of that square photo must be 1:1. The safest size for Instagram profile pictures is 200 pixels. Work on the sizes first, or else all your hard work making Instagram profile pictures can go in vein.


What can you post on Instagram?

You can post anything on Instagram unless it contains any information that harms or hurts anyone’s sentiment. Suppose you are a traveler; you can post travel pictures, experiences, destinations, pieces of information, and other stuff about traveling. 
You can make your account public so that everyone can watch your stories, like your posts, and follow you. That will help you to increase your followers in no time. If you are a model, you can post modeling pictures of yourself on Instagram. There is always more to have on Instagram.

What type of profile picture is needed on Instagram?

The first thing that should come to your mind when making an Instagram profile picture is what do you want to display? Themes can be based on the content that you are posting on Instagram. 
You can upload your picture as your Instagram profile picture. Better decide whether you want to display art, beauty, life, chaos, or something different. The theme will help you a lot in the other process. Most of all, your personality traits are represented by the theme.

What does “This Account is Private” mean on Instagram?

A private account means that nobody can see your posts on Instagram other than the ones that are being followed by you or are following you. People who want to see your posts and stories on Instagram need to follow you. 
You have the choice to keep your account private on Instagram. On the other hand, this rule does not apply to DMs (Direct Messages) on Instagram. Anyone can message you. 


Are you looking for ways to change your Instagram icon? You have now gotten the answer to How to Change Your Instagram Icon 2022? Download the icon Changer app from your Google play store and follow the process given above. 

Along with changing the Instagram Icon, make a good Instagram profile and then upload the best picture as your Instagram profile picture and get followed by many. After you have created your account, upload a good profile picture that can gather many followers quickly. You can promote your skills on Instagram and get followed by a lot of people.

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