How to Change Your Number on TikTok if You Forgot The Old One?

It is possible to change your TikTok phone number without the old number you once used. You can change your number on TikTok if you forgot the old one easily by following these steps below:

Steps To Change Your number On TikTok If You Forgot The Old One.

  1. Login to your TikTok account & click the ‘Accounts’ tab
fb setting
  1. Tap the ‘Change Your Number’ tab
change phone
  1. Enter a new phone number.
enter number
  1. Set the number as your new default number.


How do I change my number on TikTok?

There are two different ways you can change your phone number on Tiktok, First login to your accounts tab, tap the change my number tab, enter your new number that’s not associated with any Tiktok account, and set it as your default phone number.
The second method is the Google two-factor authentication. Google allows you to change your phone number on Tiktok without having to access your old number.

Can I log on to TikTok without my old phone number?

Yes, but you will have to enter a new number first with the step-by-step method highlighted above. However, there are different ways of logging into your TikTok account apart from using your phone number. You can log in by using;
QR code

What if my old number is registered to my current TikTok Account?

Don’t worry! TikTok allows you to continue using your account with a new phone number. Just log in to your TikTok account using the other TikTok login options and change and add your new phone number.

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