How to Change Your Xbox Name for Free Multiple Times?

After you initially join up for a Microsoft profile, you get a Gamertag. The tag is a unique moniker that other gamers may use to distinguish you. But, with time, your allocated Gamertag may no longer match your genuine gaming character. Altering the Xbox One’s gamer profile is free the first time. Continue reading to find out how to change your Xbox One Gamertag. This article includes a detailed guide on How to Change Your Xbox Name for Free Multiple Times.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Your Xbox Name for Free Multiple Times

Changing your Xbox Gamertag is possible on the Xbox console, web, or windows gadget. The first time it’s free, but if changing for the second or more time, you’ll have to pay.

Changing Your Xbox Name over the Xbox Console

  1. To launch the manual, hit the Xbox icon and select Profile & system afterward.
  2. Pick your Xbox identity.
  3. Choose My Profile followed by Customize profile, then select your existing Gamertag.
  4. Launch into the Gamertag you desire in the accessible text field in Choose your new Gamertag, and afterward, click Check availability. You might receive a notice alerting you that the requested Gamertag is missing. If this is the case, try again until you succeed.
  5. Observe how the Gamertag will appear over Xbox programs on the following page.
  6. If you’re content with your updated Gamertag, choose Change Gamertag.

Changing Your Xbox Name on the Web

  1. Navigate to the Xbox website and sign in to your account using Microsoft. Log in using the password and the email address linked to your Xbox account. 
 Log in using the password and the email address linked to your Xbox account. 
  1. After logging in, check the upper corner of the page for your existing Gamertag to ensure you’re logged in to the correct Profile.

Gamertags can have a maximum of Twelve characters with spaces. They cannot begin with a digit. If you see the message “That name isn’t accessible. Try a different one, ” you’ll have to make one more.

  1. Insert the current Gamertag in the message field and click Check availability. You might get a notice informing you that the requested Gamertag is inaccessible. If this is the case, repeatedly attempt until acceptance.
  2. Examine how the Gamertag will appear across Xbox applications on the upcoming page.
  3. If you’re happy with your chosen Gamertag, click Claim.

FAQs On XBox Gamertag

What number of times can I freely alter my Xbox Gamertag?

When you sign in, the platform generates your Xbox Gamertag. You can alter it one time for free if you dislike the app—Select System, followed by Settings. Continue and click Personalization and My Profile. And finally, customize your Profile by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

Why must I pay to update my Gamertag?

Each Profile consumes server space, which involves money. If Gamertag modifications could allow unlimited changes, people would alter their tags randomly. Because many individuals lack creativity, Xbox Live would’ve been full of Gamertags beginning and ending with yyyy or zzzz

How can you update your Xbox Phone App 2022 Gamertag freely?

Open the Xbox Application on your Android or iOS smartphone. Tap on your account photo in the menu on the left, then choose “Customize,” then “Select the gamerpic.” To update your gamer tag, follow the instructions at

How much does it cost to alter the name of your Xbox?

Although you decided to use a Gamertag created at random by Microsoft when you entered Xbox Live, you’ll only be entitled to the first modification. After that, you’ll have to spend £7.99/$9.99 every time you wish for a change.

Why am I unable to alter my Xbox Gamertag?

The leading cause for your inability to alter your Xbox Gamertag is that you have already done so. Microsoft enables Xbox customers to update their Gamertag freely just once. Even if you were to change your Gamertag during the first session forcibly, doing it again is next to impossible. The only way is to wait until you pay a premium.

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