How To Charge A Vape With An iPhone Charger?

It happens to the best of us – You go out somewhere, you bring your phone, your wallet, and your vape pen, and have a good time with your friends. Then you realize that you’ve run out of power for your vape pen and that you don’t have your charger with you. Of course, you wonder if you could use an alternative, say, your iPhone charger. Is it possible? Read on to find out. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Charge A Vape With An iPhone Charger.

If you’ve been wondering- How To Charge A Vape With An iPhone Charger? Then this post is for you.

Can You Use A Phone Charger to Vape?

It all comes down to the specs of both your charger and a vape pen. While you can certainly use an alternative like a phone charger to charge your vape pen, it isn’t advised to use said device while you’re charging. Why?

To put it simply – Would you generally put something electric AND plug it into a power source in your mouth?

Some risks come with that action, especially if your charger specs do not match the vape. There is a chance that the charger is putting in more power than your vape pen’s battery can handle, and you don’t want that in your mouth in case anything goes wrong. Read on to see easy steps on How To Charge A Vape With An iPhone Charger.

Charging With An iPhone Charger

Now, if you simply want to charge the vape pen without using it, that’s a different story. Again, it should be fine as long as the specs of your charger match that of your vape. In case it’s unavoidable, this can be done.

Remember, however, that the charging brick will deliver more power to your vape pen than its normal charge. Making it a habit of charging your vape pen with the wrong device runs the risk of battery shrinkage or even shorting out.

Now that you know the risks that come with using a different charger let’s get to how to safely use an iPhone charger on your vape.

With Micro-USB or USB-C Ports

Some vape pens come with Micro-USB or USB-C ports, so they can be easily charged as long as you have the right cables. To charge the vape pen:

  1. Plug the Micro-USB or USB-C side of the cable into your vape pen.
  2. Plug the other side of the cable into your iPhone adapter.
  3. Plug the iPhone adapter/charger into a power source.

With only these few steps, you can easily charge your vape pen. 

Without Ports

Some types of vape pens, particularly disposable ones, do not come with charging ports, especially as disposable vape pens are meant to be disposed of after being used. In this case, charging the vape gets a little more tricky and would require sacrificing your phone charger:

  1.  Using a sharp tool like scissors, snip off the end of the charger’s USB adapter.
  2. Remove a bit of insulation from the cut end to expose at least a half-inch of the wires inside. 
  1. Twist off the bottom cap of your vape pen. 
  2. Slide out the disassembled parts of the pen. 
  3. Take the battery and locate its positive and negative terminals. 

Note: Most wires are colored red for positive and black for negative, but not all of them have these.

The negative terminal is also typically the one that slides out first when disassembled, while the positive terminal will be closer to the vape pen’s tank. 

  1. Plug the exposed wires of your iPhone charger into an outlet.
  1. Hold the wires into the appropriate terminals to charge the battery.

FAQs On Charging A Vape With An iPhone Charger

Can I use an Android phone charger as well?

Yes, as long as the cable matches the charging port for your vape pen. Otherwise, you will need a USB adapter. 

My vape pen uses rechargeable batteries; how do I change it?

Rechargeable batteries come with a charging port. You can put the batteries in the port and simply plug them in to charge.

Can I use a fast-charging device for my vape pen?

No, it is not advised. Doing so can damage your battery, cause it to shrink, shorten, or even cause a fire.

What should I do while charging my vape pen?

Keep a watchful eye on the pen while charging, don’t leave it charging for a long time, and avoid charging in wet, humid, or saturated environments to avoid accidents.

Can a vape pen be overcharged?

Yes. Overcharging vape pens can damage their batteries, leading to shorter battery life or, at worst, shorting and causing a fire.

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