How To Charge iPhone 11 For the First Time?

You just purchased your new iPhone 11. Many questions come with the arrival of a new phone, including how to take care of it. The phone battery is one of the crucial elements of a phone, and it is natural to want to do it right. Here, we discuss how to charge the iPhone 11. In this article, we will talk about How To Charge iPhone 11 For the First Time?

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The Right Tools To Charge iPhone 11 For the First Time

When you purchase your iPhone 11 from the official Apple store, it comes with a 5W charger and an accompanying USB-A cable. When charging your phone for the first time, it is recommended to charge it using the accessories that come with the box, plugged into a socket rather than on your laptop or PC.

The Charging Myth

As opposed to what they say on the internet, you do not necessarily need to drain your phone and subsequently charge it over a long time. If your phone has enough battery, take the time to explore its features and set it up before worrying about charging.
When to Charge
There are many rules when it comes to charging a phone. In the case of the iPhone, many recommend keeping the battery between 40 to 80 percent. It is believed that this is the optimal range to delay the deterioration of your battery’s life. It is suggested to avoid completely draining the phone before deciding to charge it.

How Long Is The Charging Time?

Using the normal charger and cable that are included in your purchase, it takes approximately three hours to charge it to its full capacity. The best way to determine if your phone can be removed is to check the battery life/gauge at the upper right corner of the screen rather than relying on the estimated charging time.

Basic Method of Charging An iPhone 11

The most common and basic method of charging an iPhone 11 is through a power outlet. Here’s what you need to do:

At the base of your phone, insert the lightning end of your cable into the port.
Insert the USB side of your cable into the power adapter.
Plug the adapter into the power outlet.

You can also charge your device on a computer or laptop. Simply follow these steps:

At the base of your phone, insert the lightning end of your cable into the port.
Insert the USB side of your cable into the USB port on your computer or laptop.

Your PC or laptop may prompt you to open the iTunes store or ask if you want to import media. If you’re not planning on doing this, simply select the “Charge Only” option. (The term may vary depending on the device you’re using).

FAQs On How To Charge iPhone 11 For the First Time

Can I charge my phone overnight?

Yes, you can charge it overnight without overcharging your phone. If you have iOS 13 and above, the software will also analyze your daily charging habits to optimize the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

How can I tell if my iPhone is full?

The battery icon on the upper right shows your battery level. You can also go to Settings.

 Will my iPhone explode from overcharging?

 No. The phone’s charger is made so that charging is stopped as soon as the device is full.

How long does the iPhone 11 battery last?

An iPhone 11 can last an average of 14 hours in normal use.

How can I save the iPhone 11 battery?

You can turn off your mobile data, turn down your brightness and volume, manage apps to avoid auto-updates, and enable low power mode to keep your phone battery from running out quickly.

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