How To Charge iPhone With Apple Watch Charger?

Having forgotten your iPhone charger can be a very irritating feeling. iPhone chargers are also very different than Android phones, which you can find easily. But in the cases where you do not have an iPhone charger but you do have your Apple Watch charger, can you use it? How to charge iPhone with an Apple Watch charger? You may ask.

Apple Watch chargers are very low-powered chargers and do not work on iPhones. Also, old iPhones do not support wireless charging, so there is no chance that the wireless charger of the Apple Watch can work on them. But if you have a MagSafe Duo charger, you can charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch.

In this article, we will discuss if you can charge your iPhone with an Apple Watch charger, and if you cannot, what could be your other options. Do read ahead to understand what solutions you can apply in those situations.

How To Charge iPhone With Apple Watch Charger?

As already stated, you cannot charge your iPhone with the Apple Watch charger. The Apple Watch charger is low-powered and only designed to power the Apple Watch. The iPhone is comparatively more powerful than the Apple Charger. The incompatibility makes it impossible for Apple Watch chargers to work on iPhones.

If you cannot use the Apple Watch charger on your iPhone, then is there a way you can solve this problem? Could you charge your iPhone in any other way?

Fortunately, you can charge iPhones in many different ways without using the charger head plugged into a wall.

Charge iPhone And Apple Watch With MagSafe Duo Charger

MagSafe Duo charger is a wireless charger that you can use to charge iPhones and Apple Watch. These chargers are flat and have two parts where you can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch on each side.

According to Apple, the MagSafe Duo charger also charges your Airpods and other Qi-certified devices. So if you have a MagSafe Duo charger with you, you can charge all your Apple devices, given your iPhone does support wireless charging.

Charge Your iPhone With A MagSafe Battery pack

Another way you can charge your iPhone and your Apple Watch is with the MagSafe Battery pack. This battery pack is like the power banks you could get on the market but specially designed for Apple devices.

The MagSafe battery pack is also wireless and can wirelessly charge all your Apple devices such as iPhones, Apple Watch and Airpods. It simply sticks on your iPhone’s back and starts charging immediately.

Charge Your iPhone With Just Cable

And the third option would be to simply use the cable. Although it is best to use the Apple charger head to charge your iPhone, it can also work if you simply connect the cable to your Mac or any supporting outlet.

If you have the charging cable but not the head of the charger, this method could come in handy. You just connect one end of the charger to your iPhone and plug another end into your Mac or other USB ports, and it will start charging.

FAQs On Charging iPhone With Apple Watch Charger

How Can I Charge My Apple Watch Without An Apple Charger?

If you do not have an Apple charger, you can use the MagSafe Duo charger or the MagSafe battery pack to charge your Apple Watch.

Is My Apple Watch Waterproof?

The Apple Watch can resist water but is not waterproof. So if you want to shower wearing the Apple Watch, you may want to think twice.

How Do I Turn My Apple Watch Off?

To turn off the Apple Watch, you can press and hold the button on the side of the Watch. After some time, the slider appears on the iPhone to turn off the Watch. Simply slide it, and the Watch will turn off.
In the same way, you can turn on the Apple Watch by tap-holding the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Can You Wear The Apple Watch While Sleeping?

Although wearing the Apple Watch while sleeping is not harmful, it may cause discomfort and obstruct blood flow when strapped 24/7. So, you can wear the Apple Watch while sleeping, but it is not a good idea.

Why Is My Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast?

If your Apple Watch is draining the battery fast, try unpairing and repairing the Watch with your phone. If that does not solve the problem, then there is a chance that something is wrong with the Watch. You can visit the Apple Care center for consultation.


Therefore, charging your iPhone with the Apple Watch charger is impossible. But you can use other methods such as a MagSafe Duo charger where you can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch together. You can also use the MagSafe Battery pack, which can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly.

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