How To Check Phone Temperature: iPhone?

How To Check Phone Temperature: iPhone?

Do you ever check your phone temperature? Do you want to know the temperature of your phone? In this article, you will learn about how to check phone temperature on iPhone.

There are so many reasons why you may want to. For example, when your phone overheats or gets warm for no reason, that’s a sign something might be wrong. 

With hotter weather on its way, it’s important to know if your phone is heating up to prevent any damage from exposure to heat (or water!). You can also learn how to check if wifi is 2-4 or 5 on iPhone.

We got your back. lets deep deeper into the topic.

What Is Phone Temperature, And How To Check Phone Temperature On iPhone 2022?

A phone temperature is then heat produced when you use heavy apps, cameras, and gaming. The heavy processing of the phone CPU produces heat which sometimes causes your smartphone to act abnormally. That is why it is better to monitor your iPhone temperature even when gaming or doing other stuff.

Above and below that range, your iPhone can malfunction or cause some processes to fail while using. That is why we have brought you some simple methods below to check your iPhone temperature easily.

Steps To Check Phone Temperature On iPhone

To check your iPhone temperature, you need to do multiple steps where you might need to install some third-party apps. To do this, follow the quickest steps below:

  1. Open Settings From Main Menu
Open Settings From Main Menu

Unlock your iPhone and locate the settings option. Tap on the settings logo.

  1. Open General Settings
Open General Settings

Open general settings in the main settings list. In general, settings find the About phone option.

  1. Find Battery Option In Settings
Find Battery Option In Settings

Now find the battery options in your settings. To check the battery health, which is necessary while checking the heating issues.

  1. Check Battery Health
Check Battery Health

According to apple, the iPhone battery health should be more than 80%; otherwise, the battery capacity would be a disaster.

  1. Open Apple App Store In Case Heating Problem
Open Apple App Store In Case Heating Problem

Sometimes, you have this kind of alert on your iPhone screen due to heavy usage. Check your mobile temperature immediately and match the ideal temperature range.

  1. Download Temp Stick App
Download Temp Stick App

Go to your app store to install a third-party app “temp stickon” on your iPhone.

  1. Login To The App
Login To The App

Enter the login credentials of this app by signing up. If you already have an account, then enter your email and password.

  1. Check Your iPhone Temperature
Check Your iPhone Temperature

In the app, you can check your iPhone temperature and change the temperature unit in settings. It also shows the temperature in the notification bar. Also, a histogram show temperature history from previous hours.


How Do I Fix iPhone Overheating Problem?

1. Always check disturbing or crashing apps on your iPhone
2. Never put hard or heavy cases on your iPhone
3. Keep all your iPhone apps updated
4. Always check for software or iOS updates
5. Check in the settings RAM storage which background app is slowing down your phone’s speed, and close it if you are not using it.
6. Close extra apps to clear your RAM storage
7. Keep your iPhone screen brightness on auto so that it will adjust according to lightening conditions
8. Keep an eye on the data connection; if you are not using it, turn it off

How Do I Check My iPhone Temperature?

To check your iPhone temperature, follow these steps below:
1. Open your iPhone settings
2. Scroll down below to about the section
3. Locate the temperature option
4. See the temperature given below the temperature option

Does My iPhone Have Any Temperature?

A mobile device produces a temperature due to battery usage and mobile screen brightness. You can check your iPhone temperature in mobile settings or any third-party purchased app. 
iPhone cannot tell the outside room temperature. But it can only tell if you buy a digital thermometer that can connect to your iPhone. 

How Do I Check My Mobile Temperature?

You can check your mobile temperature with some third-party software and also with some external tools. If you want to use tools to check your phone temperature, then a CPU monitor or thermometer are the best tools you ever ask for. 
They can tell the battery, screen, camera, and each part of your mobile temperature with their exclusive technology. 
If you want to check your phone temperature with some third-party software, there are numerous paid and free options for Android and iOS. 
You can also download that software from the respective brand’s official app stores or browsers.

What Is The Peak iPhone Temperature That Causes Overheating?

According to apple information, they have declared iPhone standard operating temperature range between 32º to 95º F. This range is the best and optimum temperature range for all iPhone models as per official Apple announcements.
The temperature at which the iPhone causes overheating ranges from 95º to 113º F. Within this range, the iPhone might lose its internal gadgets due to overheating effects. The lowest range in which the iPhone can malfunction is -4º F temperature.

How Can I Cool Down My iPhone Temperature?

There are a lot of ways to reduce your iPhone temperature, but some of the highlighting ones are given as follows:
1. Always try to charge your phone while your iPhone case is remo2ved
2. Never put your iPhone on your car dashboard while shopping or driving
3. Try to avoid playing games for long continuous hours
4. Don’t use your mobile if you are cooking in the kitchen
5. Please turn off your iPhone for some time if it gets excessive heat
6. If your phone is on charging, kindly remove your iPhone from charging
7. Wait for the temperature to cool down while monitoring on the app or from a thermometer


Does your phone feel toasty? Is it too hot or too cool? If you can’t feel the temperature and don’t have the right tools, you’re probably curious about how hot your phone is.

Don’t worry! You will get all your answers above in the guide about “how to check iPhone temperature.” If you find this article helpful, let us know your feedback in the comments.

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