How To Check Someone’s Location On An iPhone?

In recent years, tracking someone’s location on an iPhone has become so convenient. This nifty feature on the iPhone allows users to check the location of their family and friends and also find a lost iPhone. The accuracy of the iPhone’s Find My Phone is top-notch.

Using this feature could be a bit difficult, especially for those who are just switching to the iPhone for the first time and those who haven’t tried it out yet. If you’re one of those who want to know how to check someone’s location on an iPhone, you’re at the right place. All you need to do is consume this article, and you can do it while you’re asleep.

Methods To Check Someone’s Location On iPhone

No doubt, this skill is essential. If someone or an iPhone gets missing, checking the location will show you the current position. You can use the iPhone’s native app or other software to view someone’s location on an iPhone. We’ll show you how to use both as we’ve always been doing.

#Method 1: Using Software To Check Someone’s Location On iPhone

What is Famisafe-iPhone Location Tracker and How to Use it?

We highly recommend this software because of its powerful location extraction feature without being recognized. If you’re a parent, this app will also give you in-depth information on your child’s browsing history, app usage, logs, and lots more.

Follow these steps to check locations on an iPhone using this app:

  1. Download the Famisafe app from the app store on both iPhones.
How To Check Someone's Location On An iPhone
  1. Create an account on either iPhone—the same account works on both devices.
  1. When setting up your account, you can go ahead and view the location history of the iPhone in the Famisafe app.

The Famisafe app allows you to check the location of more than one iPhone remotely and is very reliable.

What is KidsGuard Pro and How to Use it?

One outstanding attribute of this software is that when you track an iPhone, you get its new location sent to you without the target knowing. KidsGuard is compatible with all iPhone models. With just these three steps, you’ll be able to check someone’s location using KidsGuard:

  1. Create a valid account.
  1. Select the operating system of the target.
  1. After selecting the operating system, you’ll get redirected to my product and order management page. On this page, click Set Up Guide, then set up the software to your preference after reading the Guide. You’d get redirected to KidsGuard pro web control.
  1. On this redirected page, click Location. The real-time of the iPhone on the digital map will be up.

Suppose two-factor authentication is active on the target iPhone. In that case, you’ll need one-time access to check the iPhone’s location.

#Method 2: Using Find My Friends To Check Someone’s Location On iPhone

Find My Friends is a hassle-free way to check someone’s location on the iPhone. This app is a social location-sharing feature on iPhones. It allows you to share and receive location updates from trusted contacts. If you’re using iOS 13, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone is now in Find My. To proceed with checking on someone’s location using Find My Friends, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Find My Friends. Can’t find it on your iPhone? You can download it from the App Store.
  1. Click on the Contact Picture.
  1. Toggle Share My Location to enable location sharing.
  1. On your iPhone, swipe up to enable airdrop and make your iPhone discoverable to everyone.
  1. On the target’s iPhone, click Add and select Share Indefinitely.
How To Check Someone's Location On An iPhone
  1. Your iPhone will pop up a message asking whether you want to share your location. Select Don’t Share. Choosing this will let you check someone’s location without them knowing.

Also, you can turn on notifications in the app to get notified when they leave a place.

#Method 3: How to Use Find My iPhone To Check Someone’s Location On iPhone

On iPhones, this app checks location. Unlike Find my friends, which checks other people’s locations, Find my iPhone tracks misplaced or stolen iPhones. Find my iPhone method can only be done through the iCloud website as this service works with an iCloud account. To check someone’s location using this method, ensure the target account gets linked to an iCloud. If so, go ahead and use the steps below:

  1. You can set up the Find My Phone feature by going to Settings. Then Tap iCloud. Select Find My iPhone and toggle it on.
How To Check Someone's Location On An iPhone
  1. Log in with the target’s iCloud details on the official website whenever you want to check the iPhone’s location.
  1. On the homepage, Click Find My iPhone.
  1. After clicking Find My iPhone, a list of all the linked iPhones in the iCloud account will appear. From the list, choose the iPhone you want to unearth.
How To Check Someone's Location On An iPhone

The snag with this method is that the user can turn off their location at will.

FAQs on iPhone

Should I Get A Passcode?

the iPhone is attractive to thieves, as the magnet is attracted to iron. To be safe, activate the passcode on your iPhone before it gets stolen. Activating the passcode will deny access to your data from anyone who takes your iPhone.

What’s iPhone 12’s Processor?

The iPhone 12 series—12 mini, 12 pro, and 12 pro max—comes with an A14 chip which acts as the CPU and GPU. This high-performance chip performs over a trillion operations per second and is 30% faster than the A12 chips.

Does The iPhone 12 Support Wireless Charge?

The iPhone 12 is a game changer in the iPhone industry. Yes, the iPhone 12 supports wireless charging. There are lots of compatible wireless chargers available, like the Moshi Otto Q wireless charging pad, Belkin boost up wireless charging stand, and the Anker 10W wireless charging stand.

Can I View Someone’s Location On iMessage?

Yes, you can. The iMessage app lets you not only text, call, or send MMS. iMessage can also send locations to your contact list. To view the real-time location of someone, you’d have to ask the person to share their location. When received by you, open the link to access the person’s location.

Can I use Apple Music on my Android?

Yes, Android users can use apple music to stream music on Android. The app became available to Android users in 2015. Apple made a feature to enable iPhone users with Androids to enjoy their playlists without barriers. Android users can Download Apple music from the Google Play store.
Now that you know how to check someone’s location on an iPhone with our quick guide–go try it out! Don’t forget to drop a comment via the comment section, letting us know how hassle-free it was for you.
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