How To Clear Clipboard On iPhone?

Clipboard is a very convenient built-in feature available on most devices. iPhone or other iOS devices also has a built-in clipboard to store the items you have copied. But there is a limitation on iOS. It only stores one thing in the clipboard at a time. Although it only stores one string of text, many people wonder if they can clear the clipboard on iPhone. As iOS doesn’t let users access the clipboard, many of us might think removing the clipboard on iPhone is impossible. In this article, we will talk about how we can clear clipboards on iPhones.

What is Clipboard on iPhone?

Clipboard on iOS devices is pretty simple. Unlike any other clipboard, it lets you store one piece of information at a time. You can’t view the clipboard. The only way to access it is when you paste it somewhere else. 

Because the clipboard only holds one item at a time, it is pretty easy to clear the clipboard on iPhone.

Steps to Clear Clipboard on iPhone

You just need to copy some blank spaces or anything else into the clipboard, and the previous item will be automatically removed. It also works for Universal clipboard, where your clipboard has been shared between your different iOS devices.

copy blank spaces from the clipboard

Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open Notes or any app that allows you to write. 
  2. Type in two spaces in the input field.
  3. Tap and hold the spaces and copy them.
  4. Your clipboard is now successfully cleared on your iPhone.

After you have copied blank spaces, the item previously copied into your clipboard has been cleared. You can also quickly check if the clipboard has been removed.

verify if your clipboard is empty

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Notes or any other app that lets you write.
  2. Tap and hold on to the input field and tap Paste.
  3. If the clipboard is empty, you will see just two spaces being pasted onto the field.

FAQs On Clearing Clipboard On iPhone

How to open the clipboard on Android?

To access the clipboard on Android, you must open your phone’s keyboard. On the tab above the keyboard, you might see a clipboard icon, click on it, and you can access the items on the clipboard in Android. You can also long-press the input field and see the clipboard option appear. Click on it, and you can access the clipboard on Android.

Can I use a third-party clipboard on my iPhone?

Yes, you can easily use other third-party clipboard apps to add additional features to the limited clipboard in your iPhone. The clipboard on iOS devices is very limited as it only stores one item at a time and doesn’t let the users access the clipboard.
With third-party clipboard apps, you can store multiple items simultaneously and fully access the clipboard making it convenient for iPhone users.

Can I recover deleted items from the Clipboard on my iPhone?

The clipboard on iPhone is already limited with storage of only one item, and the users can’t access the clipboard. If you copy another thing, the previous item gets deleted. Sometimes, it might also be accidental, due to which people might lose important information from the clipboard. Unfortunately, after the item is deleted from the clipboard on your iPhone, there is no way for you to retrieve it.

Can you access the clipboard on Windows?

You can easily view all the items on the clipboard of your windows computer by pressing the “Windows key+V.” In addition, you can access the clipboard with the shortcut key. In the clipboard, you can directly paste the items on the clipboard or even pin and delete the items.

What items can the iOS clipboard save?

Like any other clipboard, you can copy and paste text, URLs, Pictures, and more and store them in the clipboard for future use. In addition, the iOS clipboard lets you copy items directly to the Clipboards and use them later through any iOS device through a universal clipboard. 

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