How To Comment Nothing On Instagram?

Instagram is a fun and exciting way to share photos with friends, family, and followers. It’s also a great way to check out what people are doing in their lives without having to call them. Every time someone posts something new on Instagram, one person always wants to say something about it but can’t think of anything. Luckily for you, dear reader, I have just the solution: How To Comment Nothing On Instagram?

What are the methods to Comment Nothing On Instagram?

A blank comment is a comment that has no words in it. The purpose of this is to make the comments you leave more interesting.

Their idea is simple: if someone can’t read your comment, they can’t understand what it says, so they don’t know what you mean by it and have to guess what it might mean. This makes the person who receives the message curious about what you think, causing them to ask questions or otherwise engage with you in conversation.

You can comment nothing on Instagram with two methods:

  1. Smartphone
  2. third-party apps 

How to Do it using a smartphone?

  • Step 1: Launch the Instagram app– To begin, open the Instagram app. 
How To Comment Nothing On Instagram
  • Step 2: Enter your email address and password to gain access to your Instagram account. Once in your account, go to your feeds.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the post you want to comment on– Open the Instagram app and search for a post that you want to leave a comment on.

Tap on the post from your feed or notifications tab that has caught your eye, and then tap “Comment” to see all of its comments (if there are any). Type your comment in the box.

Navigate to the post you want to comment on
How To Comment Nothing On Instagram
  • Step 4: Copy the Special Blank Instagram Character by scrolling down– To copy the unique blank character, scroll down until you see it. Once you’ve found it, press enters or click the Post Icon to post your comment. If you want to copy and paste a particular character, ensure the cursor is in the right place. Press Ctrl+V (or Command+V if you’re on a Mac) to paste the unique personality into your comment.
  • Step 5: Into the comment field, paste the above-copied Blank Character– As mentioned above, you’ll need to copy the Blank character to comment nothing on Instagram. Next, open the comment field by clicking on the speech bubble icon in the top right of your screen.
  • Step 6: Press enter or the Post Icon to post– Now that you’ve added all your text, it’s time to post. You can implement adjustments by clicking on the Edit Post option at the bottom of your preview window. Once satisfied with what you see, press enters or use one of these two buttons: The Post Icon – A circle with a checkmark in it (top right) and The Send Button – A square with an arrow pointing right.

How to Do it using a third-party app?

Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: On your phone, download and install the app Empty Text.

  • Download and install the app Empty Text.
  • Once you’re done installing it, open it up to begin using it.
Download and install the app empty text
Open it again using it
How To Comment Nothing On Instagram

Step 2: To copy the space to the clipboard, open the program and select the “Copy” button.

Select the blank space and open the program into which you want to paste it.

Select “Edit” from the menu bar at the top of your screen, then click on “Paste Special.”

In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Paste” as a picture.

In the new window, you will see a code that will be used to verify your identity. Enter it and then click “Verify.” The app will then ask if you want to receive the code via text message or email. You can opt for the most convenient method, but SMS is the most suitable.

Step 3: Open the post in the Instagram app now.

Open the Instagram app, click the post you want to comment on, and then tap Write a Comment. This will display a comment box to type your message (or emoji). Once you’re done with your comment, hit Send.

This will paste the image as a picture. You can then resize or move it as needed. You can also comment on a post without opening the Instagram app. If you see a post in your feed that you want to comment on, tap the three dots icon in the image’s upper right corner, then select a comment from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: In the comment editor, long-press before pasting the space from the clipboard.

Now, you’re ready to post your comment.

  • Long-press on the comment field. You’ll see a menu with options for deleting, inserting text, and formatting options such as bold or italics.
  • Select Paste from this menu (see screenshot below). This will pick what is in your clipboard and paste it into the comment field where you long-pressed previously.
  • Press enter on your keyboard and edit your comments if necessary before posting them.

There is another option if you want to paste something into a comment field but not format it. This will copy the text from your clipboard and put it into the comment field.

Step 5: Post the Comment at the end.

To post a comment, press the Enter or Post Icon. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and are logged into your Instagram account.

Now that you have followed the above steps, you can post a comment on someone’s post.

FAQ On Commenting Nothing On Instagram

How do you send a blank text on Instagram?

You can send a blank text on Instagram by using a unique character. The special symbol is a space that looks like space, but you can’t see it. You use this character to comment on nothing on Instagram and also send a blank text message.

What are ghost comments?

Ghost comments are invisible characters you can use to leave a comment without posting. They don’t appear on the Instagram post, but they appear as “ghost comments” in your own profile. Ghost comments are helpful if you want to make sure someone sees your comment but does not necessarily have it appear on their post (for whatever reason). For example, ghosting allows you to leave feedback after seeing a video or photo without having your comment clutter up your feed. It also helps avoid spam filters.

Why are my Instagram messages gray?

The recipient can’t see your name, profile picture, or biography if your Instagram messages are gray. They also won’t be able to know when you were last online. If you’ve sent a message to someone who isn’t following you back and hasn’t replied, their messages will turn gray automatically after 24 hours. To make sure your message gets read more quickly:

1. Try sending the same thing again — sometimes it takes more than one try for the other person to notice an alert has arrived in their inbox
2. Check that they’re online by tapping on their profile photo and seeing if there’s a light blue dot next to “Last Seen” at the bottom of their profile page; this indicates they’re currently using Instagram

How do you comment out an empty comment on Instagram?

What do you mean, “How do you comment out an empty comment on Instagram?”The answer is that you can’t. It’s a technical thing—you could try to send a blank text or ghost comment, but Instagram will still see the space as an actual text and show your message in full. The only way around it is not using any words, which means commenting nothing on Instagram.


There are many ways to comment on Instagram, but one of the most popular methods is using the space character. This character allows you to insert blank spaces into your comments, making it appear that no one wrote anything on there. It’s a great way to ensure people read what you have written before posting an answer or response to them directly.

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