Bluetooth technology is effective means of transferring and streaming data wirelessly over a short distance between two or more mobile devices. Several new technologies and devices have been created with Bluetooth technology embedded in their primary operations. Read this article till the end to get the answer to your query – “How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones On iPhone?”

Such devices include Bluetooth headphones and AirPods, which allow you to stream music wirelessly over a short distance from your iPhone.

Luckily, Apple has developed a means that enables users to connect two different earphones to an iPhone via Bluetooth. This means you can listen to music streamed from your iPhone with two different Bluetooth earphones.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to connect Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones with your iPhone

To connect two Bluetooth headphones to one iPhone, your iPhone must have an iOS 13.2 update or later. The iOS 13.2 update comes with a newly installed feature called Share Audio. 

This feature allows users to connect with two different earphones via Bluetooth and stream the same audio simultaneously. Also, this feature works with Bluetooth earphones with the inbuilt H1 or W1 chip from Apple. Examples of these earphones are the Apple Airpods and Beat headphones.

These requirements must be met before connecting your Bluetooth earphones with your iPhone. 

Steps to Connect Bluetooth headphones To iPhone

Below are the steps taken to do so. 

1. Ensure the two Bluetooth earphones are turned on.

2. Tap on the Settings app on your home screen.

Tap on the setting app

3. Tap on Bluetooth.

Tap on bluetooth

4. Turn on the toggle switch to enable the Bluetooth feature.

Turn on toggle

5. Connect the earphones to your iPhone one after the other. 

6. Swipe downwards on your home screen to open the Control Center. 

Next, swipe upward on your home screen to open shortcut settings and tap on the playing Music icon.

how to connect bluetooth headphones on iPhone

7.  Tap the Airplay icon to see the connected earphones and the playing track.

Tap the Airplay Icon

8. Select Share Audio. This feature detects the earphones and automatically shares the audio. 

9. When the earphones connect to your earphones, you can choose to adjust the volumes of each earphone. 

FAQ on iPhone

How do you split audio clips on iPhone?

To split an audio clip, follow the steps below.

1. Open your audio clip.
2. Slide through the audio time and stop at where you want to split. 
3. Select the Actions icon from the list of Actions displayed, and tap on Split. 

Does iPhone 11 have dual Bluetooth?

iPhone 11 has an iOS version 15.5. The iPhone 11 has the Share Audio feature that allows you to play audio files with two Bluetooth earphones simultaneously.

Can I connect 2 AirPods to iPhone?

Yes. Apple’s Share Audio feature allows two users to listen with two different AirPods or Beats headphones to play the same audio on their iPhone.

What is Bluetooth Dual Mode?

The Bluetooth dual-mode feature is a Bluetooth device that supports both Bluetooth classic and low energy.

How do you sync Bluetooth headphones together?

To connect Bluetooth headphones to an Android phone, follow the steps below.

1 Tap on the gear icon on the home screen to open the Settings app. 

2. Next, tap on Bluetooth under the Connections setting.

3. Then, tap Sync at the top-right corner of your screen.

4. Next, press and hold the power button on your headphones to turn them on.
5. Select your headphones name and tap on it to Connect to your Android device.

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