How To Connect Ps4 To Chromebook?

The PS4 screen will ultimately stop responding if you are a player and utilize the gadget. To achieve a seamless gaming experience in such circumstances, learning how to link it with other screens and devices becomes crucial. In this article, we have cited a comprehensive guide on how to connect your PS4 to your Chromebook. For additional details, keep reading.

Reasons to Connect your PS4 to Your Chromebook

You might want to link your PlayStation 4 to a Chromebook for different reasons. Among them are:

  1. No monitor or LCD screen is available.
  2. There are issues with the PS4 screen.
  3. You want to enhance your gameplay experience with greater audio and display quality.
  4. You want to test out some brand-new displays.

Pairing a PS4 with a Chromebook

You don’t have to be a professional or a tech aficionado to link PlayStation to a Chromebook. Following the provided steps, you can establish a cable or wireless connection between the two systems. Let’s look at the three ways to link a PS4 to a Chromebook.

Method 1: Utilizing an HDMI cable

To use an HDMI cable to link a PS4 and Chromebook, follow these steps:

  1. Getting the required devices and equipment together is the first step in properly connecting both devices. These include a PS4, Chromebook, stable internet service, and an HDMI cable with two functions.
  2. Use the dual-function HDMI cable to link your PS4 and Chromebook. For connectivity to audio/video channels, make sure you link the input end of the cable to the monitor screen.
  3. On your Chromebook, install the Remote Play application. Set up an account or sign in to an existing one.
  4. Connect your PS4 console via Bluetooth to the Remote Play application to begin playing PS4 on your Chromebook. Turn on the Chromebook’s “Bluetooth” feature so that it may locate the console. Press the device’s “Share” button until the PS logo starts to display.

Method 2: Utilizing Charging Cable

The two devices can also be linked without needing an HDMI wire. Follow these steps to implement this strategy:

  1. Link the two devices using the charging wire for the Chromebook. Ensure to connect the Chromebook and PS4 to the same network connection.
  2. Download the Remote Play application from the Google Play Store on the Chromebook, then connect the console with it.
  3. You require a code. Pick “Add a device” under “Settings” > “Apps” > “Remote Play“. When your PS4 is found, a code will show up. You must enter the code to register.
  4. Go back to “Settings” > “Apps” on the Chromebook and log in to the Remote Play application. After that, modify the screen, audio, and resolution parameters to your liking.
  5. Following the setting configuration, a “Start” indication will appear. Just click it.

Method 3: Using Remote Play APK

To link your PS4 to your Chromebook, utilize the File Manager software. To accomplish this, perform the preceding steps in order.

  1. Install the File Manager app on your Chromebook from the Google Play Store.
  2. Configure it using the File Manager app after downloading the File installer APK file for the Chromebook PS4 Remote Play. Be patient; the installation can take a little longer.
  3. Next, open the Bluetooth Settings on your Chromebook and use File Manager to connect the PS4 controller.
  4. Pair the PS4 controller with the app using Chromebook’s Bluetooth settings for a proper link.

FAQs On Chromebooks

What games are available for Chromebooks that support PS4 controllers?

You are free to engage in any gaming you like. You can play well-known games on a Chromebook with a PS4 controller:
1. Fortnite
2. The Grand Theft Auto series
3. GRID Autosport
4. Call of Duty Mobile
5. Other well-known releases

Is Bluetooth available on Chromebooks?

Yes, the Chromebook includes Bluetooth and can be linked to numerous devices like mice, headsets, speakers, and more, just like any other device.

How do I use HDMI to link my PS4 to my laptop?

Sadly, since both laptops and PS4s have HDMI outputs, and neither has HDMI input, it is not feasible to link a PS4 to a laptop with an HDMI connection.

Why is my Chromebook’s HDMI not functioning?

Ensure the HDMI cable is properly linked to both the HDMI input on your TV and the HDMI output terminal on your Chromebook. It is conceivable that you have malfunctioning HDMI connectors on your Chromebook or TV if your HDMI cable functions with other devices but not your Chromebook and TV.

Can the PS4 USB output video?

The USB ports on PlayStation do not permit video output. They can link wireless gadgets via USB dongles and transfer information and files.

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