How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4?

Waiting for your iPhone video to transfer, only for that Mp4 editor to let you know that it’s not a compatible format? Read the post to learn How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4?

Sometimes it doesn’t seem easy to convert a MOV file to Mp4 format to execute the video editing process. Generally, iPhone doesn’t have any built-in app which allows you to convert video formats, so you have to find another way.

You love your iPhone video camera because of its high definition, but those 720p and 1080p videos are out of place when you need to watch them on your computer. You can’t get any work done until you get it fixed.

This article will resolve all the complications you face in converting an iPhone video to an Mp4 format.

So let’s dig into the article to find the best possible solution to this problem.

What Is Mp4 Format?

The actual MPEG-4 format is most commonly used across the globe to download videos from the internet. It usually resides in the combination of audio and video data files.

A highly compressed and widely used video format that stores images, video, and subtitles. This format summarizes audio and video files and plays them in the same sequence.

In iPhone camera video recordings, all the video files are saved in a MOV format which usually has more restrictions. Mp4 is a versatile video format that enhances the video quality and helps the editing process more efficiently.

iPhone has no self-app system that can convert a MOV format o Mp4, so you have to rely on some third-party apps or online sources to complete these tasks. 

The step-by-step guide below will help you convert iPhone videos into Mp4 format without breaking Apple’s policies. So let’s get started and jump into the guide below.

Methods To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4

You must follow one of two methods given below, which works better for you by taking all the steps of each method.

First Method

  • Copy the file From iTunes To Your PC
Copy the file From iTunes To Your PC How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4

Open iTunes on your MAC or PC and copy the required video files. Make a folder where you want to keep that file in your desired location.

  • Open The File Location
Open The File Location

After copying the file, check the file format, which should be MOV in the type portion. Now you need to open the VLC software application on your PC. If you don’t have that application, download it from VLC’s official website.

  • Open VLC Player Software From Start
How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4

Open the VLC player application on your PC by searching it in the start bar. Now click the media option located at the top left corner of the VLC taskbar.

  • Open Media And Select Convert/Save option
How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4

After clicking on the media option, a list will appear. You must find and select the convert/save option. 

  • Now Add The Required File Of. MOV Format
How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4

A window will appear in which you need to select the add button by clicking on it. You will be asked to choose the file. Locate The File And Select Open

Locate The File And Select Open

Now browse the file location and select the MOV format video file. Double click on the file or single click and select the option “open.”

  • Select The Video Format And Destination
Select The Video Format And Destination

You will be asked to choose the required format when the file is selected. Select the “MPEG4” format in the profile option and click ok.

Now you must select the destination of the converted Mp4 File on your PC or MAC. Choose the destination and click on start to convert the video format. 

  • Open The Destination Folder And Check the Format
Open The Destination Folder And Check the Format. How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4

Open the destination folder and see the converted file format, which is now Mp4 and better quality than MOV. Now you can enhance and use this video for various editing purposes.

Second Method

  • Open Web Browser And Search Free Convert MOV To Mp4
Open Web Browser And Search Free Convert MOV To Mp4

Open the web browser on your PC or MAC and search for the MOV to Mp4 converter. Click on the choose file option, locate the MOV file, and click open to load it on this online platform.

  • Choose the File From Various Sources
How To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4

You can choose the file from your device or other online storage and live links on this platform.

  • Convert And Download The File
Convert And Download The File

After choosing the file, select the option “convert to Mp4” given at the bottom. Wait until the file is converted, and then download the file to your desired location.

FAQs On Converting iPhone Videos to Mp4

How Do I Change iPhone MOV To Mp4?

1. Download the video converter software on your PC or MAC
2. Add the desired MOV format file by importing the media option
3. Select the video in the browsing option
4. Choose the Mp4 format
5. Select the destination folder
6. Choose to convert the file and wait until it completes
7. Open the Mp4 file from the destination folder

Can I Convert My iPhone Video To Mp4?

Yes, you can convert iPhone videos to Mp4 in various ways. The simple method that allows you to do this job is connecting your iPhone to your PC. Connect through iTunes and import the video you want to convert into Mp4 format. 
Use any third-party software for video conversion, or you can also convert the video through online converting websites for free.

Are There Any Similarities In Between MOV And Mp4?

There are similarities in MOV and Mp4 formats, including impressive video quality and almost the same compression file size. But other differences make MOV only a useful format for iPhone or other Apple devices for QuickTime video playing environment.
Mp4 format is most likely to use to edit videos and upload them to websites. You can also find most of the high-quality videos on the internet are based on Mp4 format.

Is There Any Free Tool To Convert iPhone Video To Mp4?

There are tons of free online tools that allow you to convert your MOV video into Mp4 format. You can also use multiple free online websites that help convert your files with their tools without asking for money.


Your iPhone video is full of memories. Converting it to an Mp4 file is a must! The only question is how to convert your iPhone video to an Mp4 file. The step-by-step guide above is about the simple conversion of MOPV to Mp4 format.

All iOS users can use this guide above to complete the conversion process within a few steps and enjoy their desired movies anywhere!

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