How To Convert YouTube To Mp3 On Android?

Are you figuring out a way to convert YouTube to mp3 on Android? If yes, you have found the right article to answer your questions. YouTube is no doubt the most essential and used platform for streaming videos of different varieties. It is not easy to convert the YouTube video format into mp3 files. In this article, let’s learn more about converting YouTube into mp3 files. 

How To Convert Youtube To Mp3 On Android?

YouTube is the largest platform to watch and download all types of videos for free. YouTube is also a source of earnings for many content creators. Here is one problem; the YouTube content is available in video format only. 

There are a few methods and steps to change your desired YouTube videos into mp3 files. If you have a subscription to YouTube music, you can play any audio in your background. 

On the other hand, you can also convert the YouTube videos to mp3 files with the help of some tools. Follow these simple, easy, and quick steps to convert the YouTube videos to mp3 files. 

Step 1- Convert the YouTube Video to Move with a Browser

This is a convenient step without using any third-party app. The website “youtubetomp3conveter” plays a significant role in converting your desired YouTube videos into more audio files. This website also keeps the quality of video safe and sound. Let’s see how this works.

y2mate homepage

Step 2- Visit the website.

To use this website, you need to visit the website first. Browse the Youtubetomp3conveter and look for the search bar. 

y2mate homepage search bar

Step 3- Copy and Paste the Video Link.

Open the video on YouTube and copy the video link that you want to convert and paste it into the website’s search bar. Ensure that the link you put is authentic and correct. 

How To Convert YouTube To Mp3 On Android?

Step 4- Click on Convert

Paste the desired video link in the search bar and click on the “Convert” option. You will see many choices for “File Type” and “File Size” to choose the one you want. 

YouTube Mp3 video conversion process On Android

Step 5- Download

Choose the file size of your choice and wait for the video to convert into an mp3 file. When converted completely, you will see the option for download. Click on that option. Your video will be downloaded to the device. Now play the audio in your background and enjoy listening to it. 

download mp3 from youtube

You can share this audio with others through different social media apps and messages. Moreover, you can convert and download as many videos as you want from youtubetomp3conveter. This website is useable on any device such as a PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc. 

How To Convert YouTube to Mp3 on Android Using TubeMate

Facing difficulties using a browser to convert your YouTube videos into mp3 files on your Android? Then sit tight and hang in there because the world does not stop here. 

Another easy and quick method with small steps is to convert these YouTube videos into mp3 files using a specific app. Android users can use the best video converter app, “TubeMate downloader,” to convert their favorite YouTube videos into mp3 files. Let’s check the procedure.

Step 1- Open TubeMate

You must go to your browser and type in the search bar. Now select the source you want to download the videos with and click on the download button to download the APK file. 

Step 2- Download Another app.

To complete the process more successfully, you need to download another app, “Video MP3 Converter.” You can download this app from your Google play store. With the help of this app, an extension will be added to download mp3 files from YouTube. 

video downloader app on android play store

Step 3- Run TubeMate

In this step, you need to run the app of TubeMate on your Android phone and search for the desired videos you want to convert. You can also list all those YouTube videos you want to download on your phone. 

TubeMate home

Step 4- Download videos

After you have selected the video or number of videos to download, look for the download option on the screen. You will see the download option with the red button in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap on your screen. A new screen will pop up in front of your eyes; select the mp3 option on that screen. 

download videos from TubeMate

Step 5- See the Menu

In this step, you can see a menu that will help you select the format you want to download the video. You can choose mp3 format. 

TubeMate select video quality

Step 6- Select the format.

Select Audio (MP3, 3MB) from the options shown in the menu. Now download the mp3 file format of your favorite YouTube video by clicking on the red option for download. 

tubemate video quality

Step 7- Enjoy Your Download

The audio file successfully has been downloaded and saved in your phone gallery in this final step. You can listen to it whenever you want by playing it in the background or offline. 

TubeMate completed download


What are the other options to watch YouTube videos offline?

You can download the YouTube videos from the options below and watch them offline whenever you want. 

What to do if any browser does not support converting YouTube videos into mp3 files?

You can use any third-party app if you are not interested in converting YouTube videos into mp3 files using browsers. 

Where on the phone do the downloaded mp3 files saved in the Android phone?

These files are usually saved in any Android phone’s file manager, internal storage, or music player.

Finishing Up

People often ask each other how to convert youtube to mp3 on Android. Because they have a large number of saved videos that they want to play offline. This article focuses on the steps and procedures of converting YouTube videos into mp3 files with the help of a browser and apps. You can choose whatever method suits you to download and convert your videos.

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