How To Copy And Paste On Xbox?

Xbox is a unique gaming console that brings the features to explore the web and chat with your buddies. But you might be wondering how to copy and paste on Xbox.

You not only play games on Xbox but can watch movies and chat with your friends by adding them through unique online IDs. Xbox has a feature that allows you to grab a text or link from the Microsoft Edge browser and paste it into your friends’ chat.

But what could be the way to do this? Exciting? This article will teach you how to copy a text or link from an internet browser and paste that into the chat zone.

So, let’s jump into the article to discover the secret way to capture any text on your Xbox without using a mouse or keyboard.

What Is Xbox?

 With its unique models and designs, Xbox is among the leading gaming consoles worldwide. After PlayStation ruled the gaming consoles for many years, Xbox jumped into the market to gain some of its shares.

Xbox has the exact mechanism as PlayStation but with different software and interfaces. You can make your live account on Microsoft and buy the premium plans to have fun.

The Xbox Gold account also includes extra premium features that you can share with your friends and family. 

How To Copy And Paste On Xbox?

The exciting thing about Xbox is that you can also attach a mouse and keyboard to surf the internet more smoothly. Xbox software can easily integrate with any mouse or keyboard.

But sometimes you don’t have a keyboard or mouse around you and want to send a quick text from intent to your friend. That is where Xbox copy-and-paste features jump in.

Xbox, after several updates, includes copy-and-paste features from their controllers. Now, you must follow a step-by-step guide below to explore how you can perform this simple action.

Steps To Copy And Paste On Xbox

You need to follow each step below to ensure that you copy the required text easily:

1. Open Microsoft Edge Browser

How To Copy And Paste On Xbox

Turn on your Xbox and locate the Microsoft Edge browser in the main menu. Now open the Microsoft Edge browser with your controller’s help by pressing the “A” button. 

Remember that this method is only for using a controller, not a keyboard or mouse.

2. Search The Desired Page

How To Copy And Paste On Xbox

After opening the browse, search for any desired page from which you want to copy text. When you open the page, place the cursor with the help of a joystick on the required text stating point.

Now press the A button on your controller consecutively two times which will start copying the text. If you want to keep copying the text, hold the A button and move the left joystick on your controller to the end.

3. Choose Copy Option

Choose Copy Option

Now you might wonder how the copy option will appear after text selection. Well, there is a menu button on your controller with three lines. Please press the menu button.

A list of options will appear in the browser window when you press the menu button. Select the copy button by pressing A from your Xbox controller.

You can also use the same method to copy and paste any link from websites or social media platforms.

4. Press Xbox Home Button

Press Xbox Home Button

After text or link selection, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the home menu. On the home menu option, swipe the joystick to the right to extend the friends list on the second number.

5. Choose a Friend From The List

Choose a Friend From The List

Choose any friend from your friend list to whom you want to send that copied text. It could be anyone you want to send to a single person, or the copied text will not be removed unless you turn off the Xbox.

6. Open Message Bar And Press Menu Button

Open Message Bar And Press Menu Button

Now open the message bar by selecting it. After that, you will have the option to open the on-screen keyboard or to paste the copied text.

In our case, we must paste the text we copy from the web. Press the menu button from your controller, showing you the option to paste the text. 

7. Send The Message 

How To Copy And Paste On Xbox

After pasting the text, you can send a message and ask the feedback from your friend. Your friend must be excited to learn that feature from you as well. 

You may tell him yourself, or our guide’s suggestion would be lovely.

FAQs On Copy and Paste on Xbox

How Do I Copy And Paste On Xbox Web?

You need to follow the following steps below to learn to copy and paste on Xbox:
1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox
2. Open the desired page on the web from where you want to copy something
3. Place the cursor on the required text and press the “A” button twice
4. Select the desired text
5. Open any friend chat
6. Press the menu button and paste the text

Can I Copy And Paste My Games From One Xbox To Another?

The Xbox networking system allows anyone to share the games with their other devices. You can use this way to download games on your other console faster than normal downloading from the store.

How Do I Copy Without Control On Xbox?

You can copy it on your Xbox with the help of a keyboard or mouse. Xbox software has the system to use any mouse or keyboard that integrates with Microsoft drivers.

Which Xbox Is The Latest one?

Xbox X series is the latest one which launched first in 2020. Since then, there has been no other model revealed yet from Xbox. 

Is Xbox Better Than PS5?

Xbox and PlayStation are always rivals when it comes to gaming console competition. The GPU of Xbox X can boost to 3.8 GHz and PlayStation, on the other hand, has a 3.6 GHz GPU. The graphical quality of PlayStation 5.


Xbox always brings a user-friendly feature to its users. Users always respond with enhanced features updates whenever they ask to bring new features. Copy and paste on Xbox is not a well-known feature among their users. But if you start using this feature, you will definitely be thankful to their developers.

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