How To Create a Secure Folder on iPhone?

Do you want to know How To Create a Secure Folder on iPhone? Do you want to hide or secure some photos on your iPhone but do not know how to do it? We have the best options for you in this article. Let’s begin with the process.

How To Create a Secure Folder on iPhone?

You may have reasons to hide or secure your photos on your iPhone, and nobody is judging you. It is your right to make your photos secure and safe, and if you do not want to show them to others, you can make another folder for them. Let’s have a look at this step-by-step guide.

  • Step 1- Open Photos

Unlock your iOS and go to the photos app. 

How To Create a Secure Folder on iPhone
  • Step 2- Select Photos

Tap and press long on photos you do not want to keep with the rest of the pictures. Select these photos by marking them. 

select photos
  • Step 3- Tap Share

You can see the share icon at the bottom of your screen after you have selected the photos and videos to keep secure. Hit the share icon.

Tap Share
  • Step 4- Hide

A sheet menu of the share will open as soon as you tap on the share icon. The menu will contain the option of hiding. Tap on this option to hide your selected photos and videos. 

How To Create a Secure Folder on iPhone
  • Step 5- Confirm

A confirmation will appear on your screen asking you to confirm hiding the photos and videos. Tap on the confirm option. Your photos and videos are now hidden and completely secure. Nobody usually can reach out to this folder other than you.  


This folder is named “Hidden Album” and is placed inside the photo app on your iPhone. The hidden folder is located beneath your other image albums. If anyone taps on this folder can see your 

Method 2: Hide the Hidden Album 

This is another alternative that you can use to keep your favorite photos secure or hidden from others. We all have such content on our devices that we do not want to show anyone. If you keep your hidden album in the Photos app on your iPhone, anyone can see the photos you want to keep safe. This is yet another solution you can apply. 

  • Step 1- Open Settings 

Open the app of settings on your iPhone and tap on the option of “Photos.” 

How To Create a Secure Folder on iPhone

Step 2- Turn off the Feature

Inside the photos settings, scroll down until you see the option of “Hidden Album.” Turn off the feature of “Hidden Album.” Your hidden album will disappear from the photos app. 

Turn off the feature

FAQs on Instagram

Does iPhone have a secure folder?

On all iOS devices, the default secure folder is the “Hidden Album.” Also, You can turn it off if you want from the settings menu. You can place as many photos and videos in the hidden folder as you want. 

How do you make a secure file on Instagram?

Open the app file manager on your iOS device and tap on the settings option. Then select the “Enable Password” option and set a strong password to secure any sensitive data on your iPhone. 

Does iPhone have a secure picture folder?

iPhone does have a hidden album, and also you can secure your photos in the notes app. Unfortunately, there is no password feature that you can set in your notes app to make your photos more secure.

Can you hide files on your iPhone?

Yes, you can hide files on your iPhone very easily. For hiding any file, type “.” at the beginning of your file name, and your files will be protected. 

How to unhide a picture on an iPhone?

If you want to unhide a picture on an iPhone, then go to the hidden album and press long on any picture you want to unhide. A menu will open, choose the option of unhiding the picture, and go to the photo album.

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