How To Decrypt PS4 Saves?

The PlayStation company does not recommend decrypting any console because it becomes illegal or out of reach from company protocols. Read this article until the end to get the answer to your query – “How To Decrypt PS4 Saves?” But what if you crave to play games with more progress than you might have already achieved on your PC or laptop? 

That happens to most gamers who are sometimes obsessed with a mission that they cannot complete without extra unique gaming skills. 

Then you might look for a solution on the internet about how to decrypt PS4 to have access to unique features that can’t be achieved on a standard PS4. If you’ve been wondering- How To Decrypt PS4 Saves? Then this post is for you. Read on to see easy steps to How To Decrypt PS4 Saves using any device.

This article will teach you how to decrypt your PS4 without damaging your console’s software. So, let’s dig inside the article to explore what you might be looking for.

What Is Decrypt?

A secret key for a password is required to decrypt any company software so you can make changes on your own. That key or password is unachievable, so people use different techniques and methods to do this job. 

Decryption allows you to modify the already-made algorithm of the game settings, like save games. It also allows you to run modes or trainers on your console without being blocked by the platform ID.

Decrypting company software is illegal to do something just for the joy of the moment. But there are chances that you might lose the ID of your PS4 account or registration that allows you to pay for online games.

How To Decrypt PS4 Saves?

Developers have made it possible to tackle PS4 software for this decryption detection system. You may have stuck on a mission in your favorite game and want to complete it through some hack or move to the next task automatically.

That can only be possible if you jailbreak or decrypt your PS4. We have given you a step-by-step guide to teach you how to quickly and easily interpret PS4.

Steps To Decrypt PS4 Saves

You need to follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience after the jailbreak of PS4:

1. Download the Apollo Save Tool

How To Decrypt PS4 Saves

You need to download the Apollo save tool from the internet on your PC or laptop. You can search for it online and download it from the best-reviewed and updated website.

2. Scroll To The Browser

Scroll To The Browser

Now turn on your PS4 and locate the internet browser. Scroll to the main menu’s right side of the screen and locate the app with the w.w.w sign or logo.

3. Open The Browser

Open The Browser

When you will locate the browser, open it by pressing the execution control button from your PS4 controller. If you are having difficulty finding the browser, then you can use the search feature of the PS4 that will allow you to find it very quickly and easily.

4. Activate GoldHen V2 Host 

Activate GoldHen V2 Host

You need to open the host website shown in the picture on the browser. There you will find multiple hosts to assist you in playing games online with jailbreak. Activate Gold Hen with the latest version because that is highly recommended for PS4.

After that, copy the Apollo tool file on your USB and make it bootable so that it will automatically install when you connect it to your PS4.

5. Open Orbis Tools Box On PS4

How To Decrypt PS4 Saves

Now open the Orbis toolbox on your PS4 by navigating it into the settings menu. After that, choose system settings in the toolbox menu.

6. Enable Show Title ID Labels

Enable Show Title ID Labels

In the toolbox settings menu, you will have multiple options to activate or deactivate. You must check o turn on the show TitleID labels option in the list of options.

7. Open Accessibility

How To Decrypt PS4 Saves

Now open PS4 settings from the home screen and locate the accessibility option in the list by scrolling down. Open the accessibility option by oppressing the button from your PS4 controller.

8. Install The Package

How To Decrypt PS4 Saves

Now you must install the package you copy from your PC or laptop. You will have to wait for a short period because the file is not too big and will take only a few seconds.

9. Start Apollo Save Tool

How To Decrypt PS4 Saves

It would be best to start the Apollo save tool from your PS4 main menu. After the installation, the tool will appear on the main menu along with other apps and games, So locate it manually or by searching in the search bar. 

Open the tool and after that, enjoy your games with your modifications. Always download the game’s progress file first and use the booting method to install the file in the system directory accurately.

FAQs On PS4 Saves

Can I Extract and Save Data On PS4?

You can extract saved data on PS4 by following the steps below:
1. Switch on your PS4
2. Attach the required external hard drive with the PS4 through a USB cable
3. Locate the settings in the main menu and open it
4. Please navigate to the application, save data and open it by using your PS4 controller
5. Choose the save data in system storage option
6. Choose the option which indicates copy to USB files process
7. Choose the game which saves data you want to extract
8. Now execute the strategy by selecting copy from the game

Can you Encrypt PS4 Hard Drive?

The PS4 hard drive encryption is not as easy as it looks, but you can use imaging software to make a copy of the algorithm. I will allow you to analyze the system data save on a Hard drive with complete details.

How Do I Recover PS4 Deleted Saves Files?

You can recover PS4 deleted files by following the steps below:
1. Open PS4 settings from the home menu 
2. Locate the application saved data management and open it
3. Choose the download to system option
4. Choose The game and execute the download process


The decryption of a console like a PS4 is difficult because the company has made security impossible for a beginner. But if you follow the guide above in this article about how to decrypt PS4, then it could be possible. If you like the content, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Also, check our blog section to explore more valuable guides.

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