How to Delete a Like on Instagram?

For one to become more well-known and credible on Instagram, likes are essential. You have a better chance of gaining dedicated followers if your posts receive more likes.

However, sometimes you might like a post accidentally and want to delete the likes. This article contains all the information you may need about deleting a like on Instagram.

Steps On How To Delete a Like on Instagram

Follow these steps to remove the likes from Instagram on your phone manually:

  1. Run the Instagram application

Launch the app by tapping it, then click your profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to Delete a Like on Instagram
  1. Choose the “Hamburger” icon.

At the upper right corner of the screen, click the “hamburger” or “three-line” icon to access the menu.

At the upper right corner of the screen
  1. Select the “Your Activity” Option

Choose the “Your Activity” button present at the bottom of the list. It will lead you to a variety of options.

Choose the Your Activity button present at the bottom of the list
  1. Select the “Interactions” option

Your most recent activities are available via this option. To get a glimpse of all your likes, tap on the option of “Interactions.”

Your most recent activities are available via this option
  1. Select the option of “Likes.”

Now select the option of “Likes” to view the posts you have liked on your Instagram.

Now select the option
  1. Pick the posts you want to dislike

Navigate through the posts that you have liked. To unlike a post, click the “heart” icon next to it. As with the other social networking sites, Instagram lacks a built-in feature to unlike posts in bulk. Rather than browsing the posts in three sequences, choose to view them individually. It might assist in speeding up the process.

Navigate through the posts that you have liked

The Available Options on Desktop Instagram

Since Instagram is a social networking platform that only works on mobile applications, there are certain limitations on what you can do on a PC or desktop. There is no option to view your liked posts, and you cannot post pictures. But, you can remove posts from your list of saved posts. Even though saving a post is not the same as liking it, it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to remove Saved Instagram posts from a desktop.

  1. Obtain Instagram
  2. Log into your Instagram account from your browser.
How to Delete a Like on Instagram
  1. Pick the Profile Icon.
  2. To access your Instagram user profile, click the profile button in the top right corner of the screen.
How to Delete a Like on Instagram
  1. Tap the “Saved” tab. You have the opportunity to view and delete the posts on your profile by using the Saved tab. Clicking the “heart” button will allow you to, unlike a post you have liked.
How to Delete a Like on Instagram
  1. View the saved posts, then tap the ribbon next to the comments to remove them from saving. Once again, you must go through the process again for every single post you want to delete.
How to Delete a Like on Instagram

Limitations on the Use of Third-Party Apps

You can also erase Instagram post likes in bulk using third-party applications. Instagram doesn’t object if you utilize third-party software that enables its API to speed up some processes, but it disapproves of users who completely automate their accounts.

They don’t want robots running the software but actual users acting organically. Thus, software that deletes your likes (or anything else in your account) would upset them. It’s also easy to be kicked off the platform using software that will rapidly wipe all your likes. Therefore, we do not advise using any third-party tools to remove Instagram likes.

FAQs on Instagram Likes

How can you remove Instagram likes and comments?

Launch the app and head to your profile to remove likes and comments on Instagram. Choose “Settings” by tapping the three horizontal lines on the top left side. Click “Account,” followed by “Comments” and “Likes” as you move down. By clicking the red minus symbols beside any likes or comments, you may then remove them.

Can you delete an Instagram like that someone left on your post?

No, you cannot delete an Instagram like left by someone on your post. Instagram likes are not private and are visible to everyone.

How can you conceal likes on Instagram reels?

There isn’t a single, straightforward approach to hiding likes on Instagram reels. You can use a third-party app to hide your Instagram likes, alter your profile choices to private, or remove the like option from your reel.

Why am I unable to view my Instagram likes?

You may not be receiving your Instagram likes for a few factors. You might have your account switched to private so that only individuals you allow can see the posts and likes. Another option is that Instagram’s algorithm may get modified to prevent likes from being displayed chronologically.

On Instagram, are your likes visible to others?

Anybody who views your profile can view which posts you’ve liked if you’ve activated the “Public” option for your account. However, only the individuals you permit will be allowed to see your likes if you have a private account.

Instagram Likes Deletion

Instagram likes are an excellent element of the social network. However, there are instances in which you might wish to delete your Instagram likes and are confused about the best way to proceed. This post covers every suitable technique on How to Delete a Like on Instagram?

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