How To Delete All Instagram Messages From Both Sides?

Instagram is the best platform in terms of deleting messages. If you accidentally send the message and delete it immediately, Instagram will not inform the receiver about that deleted message. But other social media messaging apps inform the receiver about the deleted message. And it remains in the chat with the deleted label. Now you may wonder how to delete all Instagram messages from both sides. Well, we got your answer.

One can delete Instagram messages without informing the receiver, but if you did a voice or video call to someone on Instagram and want to delete that notification, You can’t. You can read to learn how to unread a message on Instagram.

Steps To Delete All Instagram Messages from Both Sides

  1. Open the chat from where you want to delete messages.
Open the chat from where you want to delete messages.
  1. Now tap and hold the message you want to delete.
Now tap and hold the message you want to delete.
  1. You will get many options and one of them will be the “unsent” option.
You will get many options and one of them will be the “unsend” option.
  1. If the receiver has not seen it, it will be deleted from both accounts. The person will not be notified that you texted him.

One can use same steps to delete the sent post and reels. If you share posts or reels from private accounts then those will not be visible to the person you are sharing.


Is blocking someone on Instagram delete messages?

No, If you are blocked by someone, or you have blocked any profile. In both cases, none of the messages will be deleted. But both of the users will not be able to send a new message. Old messages will remain in the conversation, but you will not be able o interact with those messages. If you search for the block profile username, It will not be visible to you. You can still communicate with the person who blocked you with a small trick. Just ask a friend to create a group and add both of you. Once you both are added, ask the group creator to leave it. Now you can message, and the person who blocked you will receive your messages.

How do I delete an entire conversation on Messenger?

To delete any specific message, follow the above guide. But if you want to delete the whole conversation with a person and don’t want the conversation on your messenger. Simply open your messenger and tap and hold on to the messages you want to delete. Now you will get a new menu faded from the downside. Select the “delete” option from it, and it will be deleted. 

What is vanish mode on Instagram?

Vanish mode is a private chatting area in Instagram messenger. You can convert any normal chat to a private chat by simply swiping up in a chat. When vanish mode is enabled, all the messages will be disappeared once you leave the chat. If you just accidentally leave the chat and open it again, all of your conversations will be disappeared. This chat cannot be restored by following any trick, so make sure to use vanish mode only when it is needed. It works the same as the incognito tab in google chrome.

Is it possible to Send Mass Message On Instagram?

You can send mass messages at once to your followers by using different software. Instagram doesn’t have any official method to do so. They only allow an automated messages option which will be sent only if someone messages you. Software like preview and others are used to send mass messages on Instagram. It is good to use this feature, but sometimes Instagram can ban your account because the algorithm takes these messages as spam messages and delete all the messages and the account you are using to send those.
You can safely use this software only if you are sending 50-80 DMs per hour and you are also getting engagement on those messages. If a wide variety of people report you in return for that message, your account will be banned permanently.

Does deleting Instagram account delete messages?

There are many possible answers to this question, but the most accurate one is  Yes. Once you delete your Instagram account, your messages will also be deleted. But there are many other cases too. If you send someone a message and delete your account, That message will be delivered to him, and your username will be an “Instagram user”, not the one you used for your account. And if you activate your account again, then you will not be able to restore that messages.
Within only 24 hours, you can restore your account if your Instagram account is expired, then nothing can be restored.


You can use many third-party apps to delete all of the messages at once. But we do not recommend any of them. Instead, you can delete the whole conversation by simply tapping and holding the conversation. And if you want to message the person again, Search for his name, and from his profile tap on the message option.

If you want to restore or want to keep a backup of your messages, you can download all of your data from Instagram settings.

Go to Instagram > Settings > Edit profile > Privacy and Security > Data Download.

This will download all of your posts, archived data, and messages.

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