How To Delete an account on TikTok Without a Phone Number?

TikTok is a social platform where users create videos or engage in others’ posts. However, some users want their accounts deleted for certain reasons but find it difficult because they have lost access to the phone numbers attached to their accounts. Read the article till the end to get the answer to your query – “How To Delete an account on TikTok Without a Phone Number?”.

easy-to-follow Guide on Deleting Account on TikTok Without Phone Number

When creating your TikTok account, aside from connecting it to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there is also an option to create it via a phone number or email. Many people hastily use phone numbers while creating theirs. While this is not bad, deleting a TikTok account created with a phone number will require that you provide the same number in the deletion process. But if you have created your TikTok account with a phone number and do not have access to that number, you could still delete your account, but now using an email.

All you need to do is link an email to your TikTok account using the Email option on your management settings. After this, you can delete your TikTok account without a phone number. Let us see step-by-step how.

  • First, if you are using a mobile phone, after opening your TikTok app, click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
How To Delete an account on TikTok Without a Phone Number
  • After clicking, you will arrive at your profile, where you will find a three-dash menu bar at the top right corner. Click on that bar and reach for the Settings and privacy option below.
Click on the top right corner
  • This takes you to your profile setting page. At the top of the page, you will find a Manage account as the first option. Click on it and move to the next step.
Your profile setting page
  • On the next page of this process, you will find the Delete account option. It is last on the list. Click on it. Moving forward, you’re asked to select an option for the various reasons you may want to delete your account. You could decide to skip this part or pick the I’m leaving temporarily option.
click on Delete account option
  • Upon clicking the, I’m leaving temporarily option; your account is deactivated within the next 30 days and will be permanently deleted if you do not reactivate it within that period. If you click Continue, it means you agree to this. Then it takes you to the next page, where you download your data and continue. The next page after this is a confirmation to be sure you have read the term and conditions. Click on the Continue button at the bottom to proceed to confirm your email. 
Confirm your email
  • After this, you will see a Verify your account option. This ensures that someone else does not do this without your consent.
How To Delete an account on TikTok Without a Phone Number
  • After confirming your email, here comes the Delete account option again. Click on it. By clicking, you can cancel the process or delete your account one last time. Click on delete and that’s just all you need to do. 
How To Delete an account on TikTok Without a Phone Number
  • After you click Delete, your account is invisible to the public for the next 30 days and then permanently deleted if you do not reactivate it within those 30 days.

FAQs on Deleting account on TikTok:

Can You Have Two TikTok Accounts?

Yes, it is possible to have two (or more) TikTok accounts on your app if the second account comes with a different phone number.

How Long Before TikTok Deletes Your Account?

TikTok does not delete your account automatically no matter how inactive it is except you go against their policy. But if you manually try to delete it yourself, it takes 30 days according to TikTok policy. This is to give you another chance to rethink your deletion choice. 

Why Is TikTok Saying My number is Already Registered?

This might be so because you have previously used the same number to create a TikTok account. In this case, you can choose either to change the phone number from your old account or delete your old account. Otherwise, you may have to use a different phone number for the new account.

Does TikTok Share Your Phone Number?

No. TikTok does not share your phone number with the public. 

Can You Delete TikTok Account Without Verification Code?

Yes, but that is if your account creation was linked directly to your Google address. All you need to do need is to input the Gmail address. This way, TikTok can verify your ownership of the account without using a verification code.
However, if you registered your account via phone or email, you will be asked to verify by imputing the code sent to that number or mail during your deletion request.

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