How To Delete DeviantArt Account?

If you’re an artist or art lover, you should check out DeviantArt, one of the largest online social networks dedicated to the creative community. The company sees itself as part of a larger movement for the freedom of expression. The platform shapes the cultural framework in which art is made, found, and disseminated and shares the belief that art belongs to everyone.

What Happens After Deleting a DeviantArt Account?

If you delete your account permanently, all associated information will be deleted. DeviantArt will also hide your submitted journals and all of your submitted artwork from the public. If you delete your account, the associated portfolio will also be erased.

If you are no longer an active member, your username will be obscured with a line through it in all of your previous comments. No longer will you be a part of the DeviantArt community. Your account is strictly for the viewing of your past shopping history.

Also, keep in mind that for the next 21 days, you won’t be able to create a new account using the same email address previously linked with your old account. Your account and all associated data will be removed from the service after 21 days. If you do that, no one else will be permitted to use your email address to sign up for a new DeviantArt account.

And if you wish to reinstate your old account, you can use the reactivation option, but only within 48 hours of the original deactivation and before 21 days have passed. You will no longer have access to your previous account after that time has elapsed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete a DeviantArt Account

To access your account, please go to

In the upper right, hover on your profile and then on Account Settings.

In the upper right

Simply choose the ‘Deactivation’ option on the left.

Simply choose the deactivation option on the left
  1. Select the option that reads, “Yes, deactivate my account.”
How To Delete DeviantArt Account
  1. Once the prompt appears, enter your password and select ‘Yes, send me the verification email.’
Once the prompt appears
  1. DeviantArt will send you an email to verify your account. Your account will be deactivated as soon as you access your mailbox and choose the link.
DeviantArt will send you an email to verify your account
  1. Your browser will now open a new tab. If you want to delete my account, please select the corresponding button.
Your browser will now open a new tab
  1. Choose the reason your account should be deleted and click Confirm.
How To Delete DeviantArt Account
  1. Remember to confirm your selection by clicking the button below.
How To Delete DeviantArt Account

Following 21 days of inactivity, DeviantArt will delete your account permanently.

Deleting DeviantArt Account

There could be several reasons one might want to delete their DeviantArt account. Whether you are burned out and need a break or no longer have time for your account and wish to cancel it, I hope you found this guide helpful! You can easily give your art away to friends or just simply pin it to your boards on Pinterest.

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