How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?

Apple is well known for its integrated user experience between its iOS and macOS devices. Users can access all the platforms with a single Apple id where all their purchases and subscriptions are saved. But when a subscription expires, you will find nowhere to delete it. So, how to delete expired subscriptions on iPhones or other devices?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can delete expired subscriptions. Once a subscription expires, you can only renew it. So if you want Apple to not display expired subscriptions, you will need to wait a full year before it vanishes from the list.

In this article, we have compiled information that can help you understand more about subscriptions and how to delete Subscriptions on iPhone.

How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?

As stated, you cannot delete expired subscriptions on iPhone completely, but you can renew them so that they would not be displayed as expired. Expired subscriptions are subscriptions you bought for a digital product or service from the Apple store.

Most apps in the app store can be subscribed to monthly or yearly and need renewal once the time limit is crossed. But once the subscription is expired and you have not renewed it, it will show up as an expired subscription. 

To view the expired subscription and renew them, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and ensure your Apple ID is logged in.

How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?

Step 2: Once inside settings, click on the Apple id at the top of the list. It will open up settings for your Apple account.

iphone setting

Step 3: Inside your Apple account settings, you will see the Subscription option. Click on it to go to subscriptions settings.

Step 4: Inside the subscriptions settings, all the subscriptions are listed. The active subscriptions will be listed on the top part, and you can also find the expired subscriptions on the bottom.

Step 5: If you want to renew any subscriptions from the list so they do not appear as expired, you can click the specific app and renew them from there. But if you do not want to renew and leave them as they are, just ignore them and go back.

With the above steps, you can easily view and renew your expired subscriptions on your iPhone. You may not be able to delete them, but the expired subscriptions do not harm your device or account.

If you are thinking of solving this problem by clearing your apple purchase history, I am afraid that wouldn’t work either. But, unfortunately, there is no alternative way to answer the ‘How to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone?’ question.

How To Cancel Subscriptions On iPhone?

In other situations, you may also want to cancel subscriptions on iPhones when you think you do not want to pay for them anymore. Canceling subscriptions can be done before expiration so that they would not be displayed as expired.

For an active subscription, canceling it can cause service disruption. Also, once you cancel the subscription, you do not have to pay for it anymore, and Apple will end the service effectively.

Follow the below steps to cancel subscriptions on iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and ensure your Apple ID is logged in.

iphone setting

Step 2: Once inside settings, click on the Apple id at the top of the list. It will open up settings for your Apple account.

apple iphone setting

Step 3: Now scroll down to Subscriptions and click it.

Step 4: It will list all your subscriptions. Open up the specific subscription you want to cancel. Scroll down, and you will see the Cancel Subscription button. Click it.

Step 5: Once you click the Cancel Subscription button, you must confirm the action with Face ID or Touch ID. After the cancellation, the service will stop effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to ‘How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?’ are taken from the internet.

Can You Hide Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?

No, you cannot hide expired subscriptions on your iPhone in any way. All you can do to not see it as expired is renew or completely ignore it.

How Do You Unhide Hidden Apps On Your iPhone?

If you want to unhide hidden apps on your iPhone, you can first open the App Store and tap on the account button on the top-right of the screen. Once on the account section, tap your profile picture and scroll down to find the hidden purchases option. Next, click open the hidden purchases, choose the app you want to unhide, and tap on unhide button.

Why Do I Need An App Library?

The App Library is introduced by apple to let users customize what apps appear on the home screen. With App Library, users can place the desired apps on the home screen and can access other apps on App Library. 

Can You Turn Off The App Library?

No, you cannot get rid of the App library in Apple. App Library is located at the Home Screen’s end and can easily be avoided by not swiping. In addition, the App Library is the only way to access all the installed apps on the iPhone, so they cannot be deleted or removed.

How Do I Hide Recently Added Apps On iPhone Home Screen?

You can hide recently added apps on the iPhone home screen by simply moving the apps to the App Library and not showing it on the home screen. Of course, you can always customize the home screen apps and hide them in the App Library.


Therefore, the answer to your ‘How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?’ question is that you cannot entirely delete them. If you want a subscription to not be shown as expired, you can simply renew it or wait another year for it to be removed automatically. Although it will stop appearing on the expired subscription list, Apple will not remove it from the purchase history in App Store.

Hope we answered your question and provided you with valuable information.

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