How to Delete Garena Account?

Steps to Delete Garena Account?

Follow the steps mentioned below to delete Garena Account easily.

If you don’t remember your username, then you can try “Forgot Username.” Once you click on “Submit,” you will be sent a verification email. 

How to Delete Garena Account

Once you click “Verify Email” in the email, you will be taken to the password recovery page. You will have to enter your email address again, select a country, and then click on “Submit.” Once you click on “Submit,” you will be taken to the login page again. 

This time, you will have to enter a new password. If you check the box that says, “I forgot my password,” you will be taken to the same password recovery form. Once you fill out your email address and click on “Submit,” you will be taken to the login page again. 

This time, you will have to enter your new password and click on “Sign In” to complete the deletion process. 

Step 2: Contact Customer Service

 Contact Customer Service

If you live in a different country and want to delete your Garena account, then you will have to contact their customer service and ask them to delete your account.

FAQs on Garena

Can I unbind Facebook from Garena?

Scroll down and choose Settings, followed by apps and sites. Choose I’m signed in with Facebook. Select the app or website to be uninstalled. To the right of the app or website’s name, tap Remove.

Is it possible to delete a Garena account?

To play Garena’s games, players must first create an account. However, if you no longer want to play, you cannot easily delete your account. If you want to change the name on your account, you can buy a “Name Changer.” Accounts that have been inactive for more than six months are deleted automatically.

How do I uninstall League of Legends?

Log in and send a ticket with the following information if you want to permanently delete your League of Legends account: Name of the Summoner (the name your friends see in the game). Account Title (the name you use to log in to the LoL Client). The email address you used to create the account.

How do I change the device to which my Call of Duty login is linked?

Press the gear icon at the top of the screen to access settings. In the settings, players must click on the icon in the top right corner of the screen to see if their account is linked to any of their social media accounts. Click the Call of Duty button from the list of options that appears.

Is it possible to change Garena’s username?

You can buy a name change in the game client by clicking on the “Account” button in the top-right corner of the store, as shown in the screenshot below.

Garena Online Gaming

There are so many online games out there that it can be hard to track them all. Many people may not know this, but there is a type of game called “online gaming.” Keep reading to find out more! Now that you understand what Garena is and why you might want to delete your Garena account, what do you plan to do next? If you’re tired of playing the same old games on Garena, you can try playing some of these alternative games.

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