How To Delete IMVU Account On The Phone?

IMVU is a virtual world that allows users to create their avatars and interact with other users. IMVU has various features, such as forums, chat rooms, and shopping. These features make it an ideal platform for socializing and collaborating. But how to delete IMVU account on the phone ?

Whether you want to free up your phone storage or not use the account anymore, deleting an account can be your wise decision. This article will help you to delete your IMVU account on the phone. 

Let’s get started.

Stepwise Guide To Delete IMVU Account On The Phone

You must be logged in to your IMVU account by using your Facebook account. The most direct way is to go to the app’s settings and delete your account. If it fails, you can call IMVU customer service at 1-800-822-2468 and ask them to delete your account.

Let’s look at the step-wise guide to delete the IMVU account on the phone.

  1. Open Facebook, sign in to your account and tap on three lines on the bottom corner of the screen labelled as MENU.
fb menu
  1. Go to the Settings > Tap on the app and websites. (scroll down until you see the option)
fb setting and privacy
  1. Select the app ‘IMVU‘ then select the Remove button placed below it.
imvu logged in with facebook

How To Delete IMVU Account On The Desktop

Step 1: Make sure you are signed out of IMVU on your mobile device by clicking “Log Out” in the app. If Sign in screen is still showing on your device’s IMVU screen, choose “Log Out” from the login screen.

Step 2: Go to settings, and you will see a delete button next to your user name.

Step 3: Once you’ve done the steps above and gathered/backed up all the information you need, hover over your IMVU username and click on the grey arrow to the right of the “Delete” button on IMVU.

Step 4: IMVU will ask you if you’re sure you want to delete this account. Click “OK” to make sure. IMVU warns you again that your account and items will be deleted for good once this process is done.

Step 5: After you delete your IMVU username from your mobile device, IMVU will ask you to send an email to (email linked) with your IMVU username (if you change your mind about deletion). Then, click the “Confirm Deletion” box in the bottom right corner of the grey box to move forward with the deletion. Once you’ve done everything, IMVU’s website will show that your account has been deleted.

Deleting an IMVU account can be a quick and easy way to remove all of your content and settings from the site. However, one should keep a few things in mind before deleting your account:

  1. If you have any important information, back up it before deleting it.
  2. Be aware that deleting your account will also delete all of your comments and ratings.
  3. Think twice that you want to delete your account before clicking the delete button.


Does IMVU delete accounts that are not active?

Unfortunately, some people believe that IMVU deletes accounts that are not active, but they are wrong.
IMVU does not delete accounts unless they are violating the Terms of Service. If you are not violating the terms of service, IMVU will never delete your account.

Why did IMVU disable my account?

Your account got disabled in different situations. You may have deleted it by mistake, or you might have forgotten your password. Account may have been disabled as a result of a suspicion or accusation of fraud or unauthorized purchases, password soliciting, the gifting of stolen credits to your account, or some other unlawful or inappropriate behavior.

Can I delete my account via the IMVU website?

You can also try going to and deleting your account there.

Why did IMVU ask me to upload a selfie?

IMVU is concerned about security. As a result, they ask you to verify your identity. in some cases, they may ask for a scanned copy of your ID. they may also ask you to send them a selfie while holding these documents to verify your ownership.

Can I reactive my deleted account?

Yes, you can.

How can I reactive my account again?

First, check the email address linked with your IMVU account. An email with the subject “IMVU Alert: Your account has been deleted” should have been sent to you. You can now reactivate your account by clicking the link in that email.


In conclusion, deleting your IMVU account is a relatively straightforward process. However, keep in mind that deleting your account will also delete all of your data and messages from the site. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, you can contact IMVU customer support for assistance.

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