How to delete my Lazada account?

To shop online on Lazada, you must have an account. We all have benefitted from our Lazada account by shopping all our essential items through the platform.

Lazada is a great online marketplace that has almost everything people can buy. But it isn’t always people who want to stay on the platform. 

Some people might have been fed up with the app, or others might feel bored and want to delete their Lazada app. If you are one of those people and want to delete your Lazada account permanently, this article is everything you need.

Steps to Delete your Lazada Account

Lazada has made our lives easier by providing us with almost every need from single platform. But, there might still be reasons people want to delete their accounts. Some of the reasons people delete their Lazada account can be any abnormal activity in the Lazada account, a few bad experiences with online shopping, or various other reasons. If you have a reason to delete your account, you can contact Lazada Customer Service, who can help you fix your issues. 

But deleting your account is what you want; here is how you can delete your Lazada account from Android and iOS devices. For Android users, you have to contact customer service to delete your account, whereas, for iOS users, you can deactivate the account from the app itself.

For Android Users

  1. Go to your Email and Writer email to [email protected].
  2. Write ‘Request to Delete my Account’ in the Subject.
Write Request to Delete my Account in the Subject
  1. Enter your account details with the reason to delete your account and send it.
  2. Lazada will notify you through your registered SMS or email after deleting your account.
  3. You can also chat with customer care to delete your Lazada account.
You can also chat with customer care to delete your Lazada account

For iOS iPhone Users

  1. Open your Lazada App and Go to your Account.
  2. Go to Privacy Protection and Select Account Deletion.
  3. To process, enter the OTP code you have received via SMS.
  4. Select a Reason for Account Deletion.
  5. Go through the Terms, Provide your Consent, and Press Submit.

How to Delete Lazada Seller Account?

To delete your Lazada Seller Account, you can also contact the Lazada representatives through customer support. But understand for security purposes, they will ask for identity verification before processing your deactivation request. 

iOS users can also delete their Lazada seller account directly through the app. But, make sure you have updated your Seller Center App before deactivating your account. To delete your Lazada Seller app:

  1. Open your Lazada account and head to Account settings.
  2. Click on advanced settings, find the deactivation request button and click on it.
  3. The Lazada representatives will contact you within 2-3 working days for your identity verification before processing the request.

Now, Lazada will permanently remove the store from the platform, and you won’t be able to create another Lazada seller account using the same phone number and email.

The better option would be to set your Seller account on Holiday mode, and when you change your mind, you can come back whenever you want.

How long does it take for the Account to get permanently deleted?

Since the account deleting is permanent, and you will not be able to reverse it, Lazada gives you a 7-day cooling period to change your mind. After 7 days, Lazada will notify you about your account deletion through your registered SMS and/or email. If you change your mind within the cooling period, you can make the account deletion request by logging into your account.

For people who have been a user of Lazada Wallet/Lazada Credit, the representatives will contact you about your wallet status before deleting your Lazada account.

Also, note that sometimes, your account deleting request also might be rejected. Not all account deletion requests are approved. Lazada might reject your account deletion request due to following reasons:

  1. Have a limited or restricted account, 
  2. Have ongoing transactions(with the last order being at least 40 calendar days ago), 
  3. Have money in your wallet or ongoing transactions involving your wallet, 
  4. Have submitted an account deletion request recently.

FAQs on Lazada Accounts

Can I have two Lazada accounts?

No, you won’t be able to create two Lazada accounts. Every Lazada account requires an email and a mobile number associated with it. This means you will only be able to create a Lazada account for each email and mobile number. 
If you wish to create multiple Lazada accounts, you must get a new email and mobile number. But remember that Lazada encourages people only to create one account per user.

Can I delete my number and profile picture from Lazada?

Yes, you can delete your number and profile picture from Lazada through the mobile app and website.  
To change your profile information through the app, open your account, go to settings, tap on Account information and choose the information you wish to edit.
For website users, open the Lazada website, click on ‘Manage My account,’ tap on My Profile, and Select the information you wish to change.

Can I sell on Lazada as an individual?

Yes, Lazada has lifted the barrier and allows anyone living in the country to sell on Lazada as an individual. People who do not have an active business license can sign up for their accounts. For an Individual account, you need to submit a photo of your Government issued ID and the latest bank statement containing the bank logo, account name, and number. 
If your documents get accepted, you can sell them on Lazada as an individual.

How can I unlink my Lazada wallet number?

If you want to unlink your Lazada wallet number, you can do it without hassle. To unlink your Lazada wallet number, open the app, go to your account, and head to the ‘My Account’ page. The page will have the information of your Lazada wallet and will show the transaction history from the wallet. You can also see an unlink button next to the Lazada wallet number, just tap on the button, and Lazada will unlink your wallet number.

Can I unlink my Lazada from Facebook?

Yes, you can unlink your Lazada account from Facebook. Since unlinking from the Lazada app can get tricky, we can unlink our Lazada account from Facebook. Let me take you through the steps to unlink and delete your account from Facebook.
– Open your Facebook and go to your Profile.
– Scroll Down in the Menu Section and Click on ‘Setting and Privacy.’
– Go to Settings, and You will see ‘Apps and Websites’ under the Permission Section.
– You will see the list of all apps connected to your Facebook account. 
-Find Lazada in the list and click on it and select Remove.

deleting my Lazada account?

You can easily request for your account to be deleted on Lazada. But understand that you can also fix most of the issues you have faced while using the app by contacting customer service. 

Even then, if your issues are not fixed, you can delete your account by requesting account deletion through the abovementioned steps. If you are still confused, let us know in the comments below!

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