How To Delete Someone Else’s Instagram Account?

You may encounter multiple social media account deletion features. But what if you came across a social media influencer breaking the news about how to delete someone else’s Instagram account? 

How amazing it sounds when you learn that you can delete someone’s Instagram account without logging into it. But the problem is you don’t know how to do it because the news didn’t tell you the facts behind this joy.

Well, this article will teach you how to remove someone else’s Instagram account by following the company policies. Yes, some rules allow you to make this miracle happen. Let’s jump into the article to learn what you might be striving for.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is among the world’s top five social media platforms where you can meet and greet friends, family, and all random people.

Instagram is among the highest-paid social media companies where many influencers with high following promote companies’ products. The higher the following, the higher the earnings from your paid promotions and Instagram.

The average time that Instagram users spend on this platform is approximately 53 minutes per day. You may have seen many world-renowned businesses and brands also on this platform promoting their work.

Sometimes if you have a massive following or are a big fan of some celebrity, you must have seen multiple fans make Instagram profiles posting their photos without their consent. That is quite common because most celebrities don’t report those accounts. 

How To Delete Someone Else’s Instagram Account?

If someone made an account from your following and posted your private photos without permission, you may have a chance to delete that account. That is why we have brought a step-by-step guide to make you learn the only legit method that Instagram allows you to report someone with solid evidence.

Steps To Delete Someone Else’s Instagram Account

You need to follow each step with great care to avoid any inconvenience from Instagram support:

1. Open Instagram App

How To Delete Someone Else's Instagram Account

Unlock your smartphone and then locate the Instagram app in the main menu. Open the Instagram app by tapping on it.

2. Open the Instagram Search Feature

Open Instagram Search Feature

In the main Instagram app interface, the home page will open. You can see all the feeds from your followers. It would help if you tapped the search button beside the home button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Search For The Profile You Want to Report

Search For The Profile You Want to Report

Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. Type the name of the profile which you want to search. Tap on the search logo, or you may get the name in the suggestions list.

4. Choose The Profile

How To Delete Someone Else's Instagram Account

Now choose the profile in the list of search results. If you know the complete username of that profile, type that in the search bar. Or you may find that in the top search results and accounts section by scrolling down the list. Open that Instagram profile by tapping on it.

5. Tap On the three Dots Button

How To Delete Someone Else's Instagram Account

When the profile opens, make sure you have access to it. If your profile is private, you should first make that person accept your request. Tap on the three dots button at that profile’s upper right screen corner.

6. Choose the Report option

Choose Report option

A list of multiple options will appear after tapping on the three dots button. Choose the report button from the list located at the top. You can only delete someone else’s Instagram profile by reporting them. Another way is that you have login credentials for that account.

7. Select Report Account 

Select Report Account 

You will have to choose two options in the report center. The one is to report a comment, post, or message. But as per your intention, you need to select the second option, report account.

8. Choose Pretending To Be Someone Else

Choose Pretending To Be Someone Else

In this section, you have three different options to choose from. You can select the first option if you have seen inappropriate content on that profile. The last one is for underage content. But in your case, you must choose the second option, “pretending to be someone else.

9. Choose Who The Profile Is Pretending

How To Delete Someone Else's Instagram Account

Here comes the primary part, where you must decide whether the profile you are reporting uses your or some celebrity content. If that person is using your content, then choose “Me.” Select the “A celebrity or figure “option if the person uses some celebrity.

10. Search And Choose The Original Content Profile

How To Delete Someone Else's Instagram Account

Instagram will ask you for the reference profile from which the content is being stolen. Search the profile and choose, then tap on submit report button.

11. Tap On Next And Take The Desired Action

Tap On Next And Take The Desired Action

Instagram will show you the confirmation message of a report received. It would be best if you waited for the review taken from the Instagram support center. 

In the next section, you can also choose to block and restrict that profile. You also have the option to leave that screen without picking from both. After a decision, Instagram will notify you of the report results. 

FAQs on Instagram Accounts

Can I Delete Other People’s Instagram Accounts?

According to Instagram’s Privacy policy, you cannot delete someone else account unless you have access to their login credentials. 
There is another way to do it if that profile is pretending to be someone or posting inappropriate content. Follow the steps below to delete other people’s Instagram accounts:
1. Search the required Instagram profile
2. Choose the correct account from the list
3. Tap on three dots option and choose the report
4. Select the account report
5. Choose the reason which lets you report that account
6. Identify the original content profile if it’s pretending to be someone else
7. Submit the report and wait for the response from Instagram 

How Many Reports Can Delete An Instagram Account?

No actual count ensures the Instagram profile deletion. But if a profile is stealing someone’s content and posting on it through a fake ID, then 4,5 reports from different accounts can make Instagram take action against that account.

Does Instagram Allow You to Delete Fake Accounts?

Instagram never allows anyone to delete fake accounts. Instead, they will enable you to report that account if you are pretty sure it is a fake person using someone’s identity. If you have some evidence, then the case could be strong on your side.

What Happens If I Mistakenly Report an Instagram Account?

If you mistakenly report someone else Instagram account, then don’t worry. Instagram doesn’t take any action without complete checks and balances. 
If they find the report untrue, they won’t take action and remove the notice from that Instagram profile.


Using someone’s popularity for your cause could give you benefits for a short time. But remember that original content always tops the niche on any platform, including Instagram.

So, if you are among those whose content is being stolen on Instagram, then you need to read the guide above in this article about how to delete someone else’s Instagram account

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