How to Delete Venmo Transactions?

If you are a user of Venmo, I know you have been wondering how to delete Venmo transactions history. Unfortunately, Venmo does not offer the option of deleting your transaction history. All Venmo transactions you have made can be shown to some people, and this can cause some privacy worries. People have gone to the extent of deleting their Venmo accounts, but still, the transaction will remain visible to some people. 

How to Delete Venmo Transactions?

Even though Venmo offers no options of deleting the transaction history, you can try other alternatives like making them private. Making your transactions private will prevent any other person from viewing them except you.

How to Make Your Past Transactions Private

To make your past Venmo transactions private, follow the steps below:

  1. Use your credentials to log into Venmo.
Use your credentials

2. Select the three lines icon on top of the screen.

Select the three lines icon on top of the screen

3. Find the Settings option.

After clicking the burger icon, navigate the options and select the Settings option. It is towards the end of the screen.

How to Delete Venmo Transactions

4. From the settings menu, scroll downwards and select the Privacy option.

Scroll down and select the privacy option

5. Navigate through ad find the Past Transaction under the More section towards the end of the screen. 

How to Delete Venmo Transactions

6. Find the Change All to Private option and click on it. On the pop-up notification, confirm your action by selecting Change All to Private.

Confirm your action

All your past transactions with Venmo will be set to private after completing the above steps. This means no other person will view your transactions. 

Make All Your Future Venmo Transactions Private

The steps explained above are for privatizing past transactions. If you wish all the future transactions you may engage in to be visible to you alone, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the three lines and navigate to Privacy from the Settings option. 
  2. Select the Private option. By default, your transactions are set to public, meaning anyone on the platform can see them.
select the private option

3. You will see a confirmation pop-up. Confirm your action by selecting the Change Anyway option.

confirm your action by selecting the change anyway option

Frequently Asked Questions on Venmo Transactions

How Can I Delete Venmo Transactions?

Venmo has no way for its users to delete the transactions because of enforcing security and trust. The only option users have to keep the transactions from the public eye is to set them to private by navigating to Settings, then Privacy, and select the Private option. When you change the default settings to private, no other person will view your Venmo transactions. 

Will My Venmo Transactions Get Deleted if I Delete My Account?

No. There has been information on the internet that deleting your account will delete the transactions, but unfortunately, that is not the case. The history will remain on the platform as it is stored in the servers.

Can I Make a Specific Transaction Private?

Yes. You can do so by selecting the transaction to make private, navigating to the Transaction details option, and selecting the Private option. Moreover, if you want a certain group of people to view the history, select the public or the friend option. 

How Do I Block Someone on Venmo?

It is important to note that blocking someone on Venmo will not prevent them from viewing your Venmo history. But if you need to block someone, you need to open the platform, navigate to that person’s profile, and select the three dots option on top of the screen. You will see the Block option showing up, click on and you will block that person. 

Can I Access My Venmo Account After Deleting It?

No. Venmo does not allow you to access any deleted account. When you delete your account, you cease to exist on their servers. Venmo allows users who have deleted the Venmo apps to still access their accounts after logging through a different device. Thus, thinking carefully before deciding to delete your account is good. 

Make Venmo transactions Private

Deleting Venmo transactions has made many platform users go the extra mile without success. Even those who take extreme measures of deleting their accounts or blocking their friends do not help them solve the issue. However, if your issue is the public having to keep a tab of every transaction you make, you can change that by making your transactions private. 

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