How To Disable Reels To Facebook App?

You may have seen a short video content on many social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. These short video contents are known as reels. Facebook has also released the reel videos on its platform. Many people enjoy watching reels on Facebook, whereas many people do not like much of the idea of reel videos. Are you among those people who do not enjoy spins on Facebook? Do you want to know How to disable reels to the Facebook app? 

If yes, you can learn how to get rid of watching Facebook reels in this article. You must read this article until the end and follow simple, easy steps to disable reels from your Facebook profile. Let’s begin with the process right away. 

You can also learn how to disable ads on Facebook easily within a few minutes.

How To Disable Reels To Facebook App? 

There is no straight option or strategy for removing reels from your Facebook app because Facebook has not included any official method. But hang right in there; we have got your back. We will teach you other alternative ways by which you can limit the Facebook reel watch on your Facebook account. 

Removing or disabling reels from your Facebook app is difficult, but you can try out a few alternatives. You can use the older version of the Facebook app by installing it on your devices. You can also use another option mentioned below in the Step-by-step process to reduce the reels popping up on your Facebook feed. 

Step 1- Open your Facebook App

If you are annoyed with the reels that play automatically on your Facebook app and want to stop this process, then this is the first step. You need to open your Facebook app. You need to enter your account’s password and email address if you are not logged in. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can download Facebook from your play store or Apple app store. Make your Facebook account, and let’s get started. 

facebook logo on phone home screen

Step 2- Open the Menu.

Once you have entered your Facebook news feed, you can see the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your screen. These lines are the lines for the menu option. Tap on these three horizontal lines to open your Facebook menu. You can further proceed from the settings menu.

facebook news feed

Step 3- Select Settings

This is the third step of this process. You can see multiple options on your Facebook menu when you enter the menu. Scroll down the options until you find the option of “Settings and Privacy” on the screen. Tap on “Settings and Privacy.”

Facebook Setting and privacy menu

Step 4- Select profile settings

When you enter the “Settings and Privacy” option, you will see the option of “Profile Settings.” Tap on that option. This will take you to the “Media and Contacts” department.

Facebook audience and visibility setting

Step 5- Select “Media and Contacts”

In this 5th step, you must find the option “Media and Contacts” and then select this option. You will think that this process is getting longer but sit tight you are nearly there.

How to Disable Reels to Facebook App?

Step 6- Select Autoplay

You can see the option of Autoplay in the media and contacts folder. You need to select the option of “Never Auto play videos.” If you choose this option, your Facebook reels will stop playing automatically, and you can manually play them whenever you want. 

facebook media setting

What Are The Alternative Options To Avoid Reels On Facebook?

Although there is no straight way to disable the reels from playing on your Facebook account, you can use these alternative options. One option has been given above: you can turn off the Autoplay system of Facebook reels. 

Another option is to use your browser’s Facebook account to avoid watching reels. The Facebook mobile browser will save you from watching unwanted reels on your feed. You can completely ignore the reels on a Facebook mobile browser. 

Third-Party Apps To Disable Reels On Facebook

Third-party client apps of Facebook are also helpful for customizing your Facebook profile and newsfeed in your way. You can add and remove different Facebook features if you use any third-party app. On the other hand, with many benefits, the third-party apps for Facebook come with many privacy risks. 

For example, if you use any third-party Facebook app, it will hold your details on Facebook more than the official app of Facebook. So it is highly recommended not to use these third-party Facebook apps. 


Can you share your Instagram reels on your Facebook profile? 

When you post any reel on your Instagram account, you will see an option of “Post on Facebook” under the content. If you want to share that reel on Facebook, you can tap on it. Your rotation will be transmitted on Facebook right away without opening your Facebook profile. 

Can you permanently disable the Autoplay system of reels on your Facebook account?

Once you change the settings from “Auto play reels” to “Turn off Autoplay,” only you can enable the option manually. As long as you do not change settings, Facebook will not alter anything without your permission or consent. 

Can you download reels from your Facebook profile?

You can save these reels on your Facebook profile with the option of “Save.” You can also download the reels from other third-party apps or downloading videos from Facebook. 

Summing Up

Facebook reels can sound annoying at times. People often do not enjoy them watching over and over again. This is because people want to watch exciting videos that are long. However, the reels are a shorter version of videos. Most people enjoy watching and creating reels on Facebook, but some want to get rid of it. If you are wondering How to disable reels to the Facebook app, this article will help you limit your reel watch.

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