How to DM A Celebrity on Instagram Via iPhone?

Who doesn’t have a celebrity crush? Or a celebrity that they adore and love more than anyone else. You can never get in touch with them directly, so the only option left is social media. Instagram might be the best source to at least have a chance of getting into some sort of contact with a celebrity. In this article, you will get all details on how you should DM a celebrity on Instagram via your iPhone.  Let’s start.

Stepwise Guide To DM A Celebrity On Instagram Via iPhone.

There are a few steps as to how you can DM a celebrity. 

  • Open the authentic account of the celebrity.
  • There will be an option of “message” right beneath the bio. 
Open the authentic account of the celebrity.
  • Select the “Message” option from there.
  • Type the message you want and press send!
Select the “Message” option from there.

Just a note that a celebrity might put their account on private mode, in which case you might not be able to send a DM to them because of that setting. 

Things To Consider Before You DM A Celebrity on Instagram

  1. Find the Right Celebrity Profile
Find the Right Celebrity Profile

This is the first thing you have to do first. Find the authentic account of the celebrity. You know that there will be several fake accounts dedicated to a celebrity or trying to be that celebrity to create a following for themselves because of their massive fan following. 

So when you search for a celebrity on Instagram, open the account of the celebrity you like, and see if there is a blue tick beside their profile. A blue tick denotes authentication of their profile. 

DMing the right person is the most important thing, as that is the core reason for you to interact with the right person. 

  1. Make Sure You Have a Legit Account

You have to make sure that your own Instagram account is a legit one. If you expect the celebrity to respond to your DMs, they should at least see that they are talking with an authentic person and not some troll trying to find a bite out of the celeb. 

Your profile picture should have your photo on it. Also, the name of your account matters too here. If you DM a celebrity with a username like “beast mode” or “coolguy123,” then that will instantly earn you either a block or get you blacklisted permanently. So try being as authentic yourself, too, before DMing a celebrity. 

  1. Best DMs That You Can Send To A Celebrity

Go for a catchy conversation. Do not go for something like “How are you” or “What are you doing” messages. The celebs would be getting hundreds of those daily. Try going for something recent. Praise their recent performance in a movie, concert, or sport, depending on who you are DMing. Keep it simple and short for them to see and appreciate it. 

Try adding a bit of humor to your messages, a laugh will always generate attention. Be witty and to the point. Just keep in mind that celebs too come to social media to relax from their hectic schedule. 

Be polite with your questioning in the DM, and also try to be consistent by messaging regularly. Also, regularly means leaving a message every day in the hope that one day they see your effort of reaching out to them, and they will reply. Don’t spam! Whatever you do, don’t start spamming messages to the celebs it will only turn them off even more and might as well earn you a well-deserved block. 


Do celebrities read their DMs?

That depends upon how active that said celebrity is. Some or most celebrities hire social media companies to look after their Instagram accounts due to their hectic workload. So chances are that they might not see your DMs, but some celebs handle their account so you just might get lucky. It is down to luck whether Celebs read the DMs or not.

Why do celebrities not reply to DMs?

The simple answer is their work schedule. As we know, celebs are busy almost 24×7, so they hardly get a life outside work, let alone try to reply to DMs. The other reason might be that they do not want snowball things. If they reply to one DM, then fans would expect them to reply to everyone else’ DM, too, which would be an unfair expectation. So to keep everyone happy, it is easier to just not reply. 

Can you DM celebrities?

You can DM a celebrity. There is a direct option where you can go to their profile, and there is a “Send message” option beneath their bio through which you can message them directly. Whether they read it or not is a secondary thing, but you can most definitely send a DM to a celeb on Instagram.

How do you identify the correct account of a celebrity?

It is a simple method. Go to the profile of the celebrity you are looking for. Open their profile page, and on top of that, their username will be displayed with a blue tick mark. The blue tick denotes that the account is verified and authentic. If there is no blue tick, then there is a chance that the account is fake. 

Do celebs ever reply to a DM?

There is a very good chance that a celeb may ever reply to a DM. But there have been instances where some celebs have taken time to reply to their fans. Also, you don’t score if you don’t shoot. So you must keep trying and DMing your favorite celeb every day and pray that they eventually see your sincere effort and reply to your DMs.  

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