How to Do Superzoom on Instagram?

The fantastic features Instagram offers its users make the application enjoyable to use. Many features like Superzoom are ideal when you want to have a good time with your fans by creating funny but amazing videos. This guide will enlighten you on using the Superzoom feature to make your Instagram stories and videos enjoyable.

How to Do Superzoom on Instagram?

Before we explain how to use the Superzoom feature, it is better to know what it is. Superzoom is an in-built feature that enables Instagram users to record fantastic videos while the camera is zooming on a particular object or a specific part of their body. You can use the Superzoom feature to zoom on someone’s face leading to creative and fun videos.

The Superzoom feature is found in the latest Instagram version, but if your phone does not have the feature, don’t worry because we will show you how to enable the feature. Follow the steps below to make awesome videos using the Superzoom feature.

Step 1. Open your Instagram Application on your phone.

Step 2. Click on the Plus Sign on the top of your phone.

Click on the Plus Sign on the top of your phone

Step 3. Swipe Left under the shutter button and select the Superzoom feature.

Swipe Left under the shutter button and select the Superzoom feature

Step 4. Select the time you want to record the video selecting either 15, 30, or 90 seconds then start recording your video using the Superzoom feature.

Step 5. After recording the video, you can save it or post it to your story.

You will have created a fantastic video that your friends will love and enjoy just like that. 

In some phones, you may find that the Superzoom feature is not available. In that case, you need not worry because you can easily enable the feature by following a few steps we will explain here. Moreover, you will not require any third-party tools when enabling the feature. To enable the feature, perform the following steps.

Step 1. Open Instagram and Select the Plus sign on top of your computer.

Step 2. While at the bottom of the screen, swipe towards the left and click on Browse effects.

While at the bottom of the screen

Step 3. Select the search icon besides Effects gallery and type in Superzoom.

Select the search icon besides Effects gallery and type in Superzoom

Step 4. Select Superzoom for Instagram and click Try it.

Select Superzoom for Instagram and click Try it

If you open your Instagram again and click on the Plus icon on top of the screen, you will notice Superzoom gets selected by default. You can capture an exciting video using the feature and let the fun continue. By default, the Superzoom feature plays some music in the background. 

FAQs on superzoom

Is the Superzoom Feature used for Android Only?

No. The Superzoom feature is available for the latest versions of Instagram, which can be used on Android and iOS. The steps for using the feature while in IOS is not different from those used in Android. Therefore whatever phone you use, you can easily create fun videos with the Superzoom feature.

Is it Possible to Edit the Captured Superzoom Video before Posting?

Yes. After capturing the video, you are allowed to edit the clips or post them to your stories. You can then edit the video and add more effects to assign specific moments you want to capture.

Is it a Must I use the Superzoom Feature to Zoom My Instagram Videos?

The Superzoom feature is a new way of creating fun videos, but it doesn’t mean you cannot zoom videos without it. You can zoom through videos easily by long-pressing the shutter button and dragging your finger vertically across the screen.

Why is it Beneficial to Create Videos Using the Superzoom Feature?

Although there is another way of zooming in on Instagram videos, the Superzoom feature alone allows you to enable the stutter effect in your videos. Moreover, Superzoom offers suspenseful music in the background, unlike long-pressing the shutter button.

Why Am I Not Finding the Superzoom Feature on My Instagram?

The Superzoom feature may be missing from your Instagram, but this does not mean you cannot use the feature. If your Instagram is not having it, you need to follow the steps explained in the guideline above and add it so that you can use it easily.

Discover Superzoom Feature

The Superzoom feature is essential for supplementing your videos and creating fun. If you are that Instagram user who loves to mess around with fun videos, you should discover this feature to add fuel to your meme culture. Moreover, if your Instagram does not have the option, read this guide and learn how to add it.

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