How To Download Music From YouTube To iPhone?

YouTube has always put its users first in every entertainment service they offer. From movies to music videos, you can stream them at any time of the day.

YouTube gathers many musicians who share their albums, cover videos, and singles which you can stream from the comfort of your home using an iPhone with an internet connection. What if you are out of data subscription or out of network service? You’d be left with no other option than to stay without music. 

What if there’s another way you can listen to music even if you’re in a location where you can never find a network? Downloading music from YouTube to your iPhone is the other option. How do you download it? Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to easily download music from YouTube to your iPhone . So, let’s get started!

Methods To Download Music From YouTube To iPhone

Get ready for non-stop music vibing. In this article, we’ll discuss the different methods you can download music from YouTube to your iPhone.

Method #1: Converting A YouTube Video To An MP3 File

The following are several methods for converting a YouTube Video to an Mp3 File.

>>Using YTMP3 To Download Music From YouTube

This method is an easy-peasy way of downloading music from YouTube to your iPhone. Follow these steps, and you can listen to music on YouTube offline right away.

Step 1

Using your PC, Click on Share and Copy the URL of the music video you want to download.


Step 2

Go to YTMP3.CC and paste the copied URL to insert a valid video URL in the search box and click convert.


Step 3

Click on the link provided by YTMP3.CC after the conversation to download the music to your PC.

Step 4

Connect your iPhone to your PC and transfer the mp3 file to your iPhone.

>>Using EaseUs To Download Music From YouTube

You can download music from YouTube to your iPhone using the EaseUs app. You can choose between different audio quality levels and formats using EaseUs. Using the steps below, you can download music from YouTube to your iPhone using EaseUs:

Step 1

Download and install the EaseUs video downloader app on your PC.

Step 2

Copy the link, Paste it into the Search Box, and click Search.

easeus video doawnloader

Step 3

Confirm the music and click Download.

Step 4

Choose your preferred audio format and quality. We’ll suggest you download it in high quality.

How To Download Music From YouTube To iPhone

Step 5

Once the download is complete, click Open, then transfer the file to your iPhone.

How To Download Music From YouTube To iPhone

There are other methods for storing the downloaded music from your PC on your iPhone.

>>Using iCloud To Sync Music on iPhone

iCloud allows you to store all your information on Apple’s web servers without any data breach. You can also sync your data across all your Apple devices using iCloud. If you want to sync music between iPhones or other Apple devices,

Log in to your iCloud account using your PC.

Create a new folder and name it YouTube MP3.

Upload the file from your computer to your iCloud storage.

>>Using Google Drive To Sync Music on iPhone

Suppose you don’t like uploading music to your iCloud or are out of storage and don’t want to subscribe to iCloud storage plans. In that case, you can use Google Drive as an alternative to syncing the music. All you have to do to sync the music is:

Upload the music from your PC to Google Drive through its website.

Open the Google Drive app on your phone and download the music.

>>Using Airdrop

This method of transferring the downloaded music from YouTube is wireless if you’re using a MacBook. Turn on Airdrop and connect your iPhone to your MacBook, and you’ll get the file seamlessly.

Method #2 Using YouTube Music

Google is one of the giant tech companies that provide extraordinary services to its customers through its search engine, entertainment, and business services. Its entertainment services, like YouTube music, formerly Google Play music, allow you to download all music seamlessly from YouTube to your iPhone when you subscribe to its premium plan. The YouTube premium plan offers a 3-month free trial, and you can opt-out of the subscription at will. To download music using YouTube music, follow these steps. 

How To Download Music From YouTube To iPhone

Step 1

Sign up for a Google account if you don’t have one.

Step 2

Open the YouTube app on your iPhone.

Step 3

Tap the profile icon to sign in to your existing account.

Step 4

Click on Get YouTube Premium on the account interface.

Step 5

Download the YouTube music app on your iPhone.

Step 6

Open the app and find a song you like.

Step 7

Tap on the three dots next to the music title and select Download to download the music to your iPhone and listen offline.

Method #3: Using YouTube

This method is the easiest. You have to click Download below the playing video, and you’re all set. Now you can play downloaded music from YouTube on your iPhone. You’ll have to refresh the thumbnail every 30 days to keep playing the music offline.

FAQs on YouTube

Can I Get Malware By Using Third-Party YouTube Download Sites And Apps?

The majority of malware infections are gotten from downloading unreliable sites and apps. So, yes, you can get a malware infection by using third-party sites and apps to download from YouTube. To be safe, ensure your PC and iPhone have up-to-date antivirus software.

How Do I Watch YouTube In Picture-In-Picture Mode On IOS 14?

The Picture-in-Picture feature is not available in iOS 14. However, there are other ways you can have access to this feature. Go to YouTube using your Browser, play a video in Full-screen Mode, and tap the Picture-in-picture button. Once the PIP comes up, you can move it to any part of the screen you desire.

How Do I Stop YouTube Video Recommendations On My iPhone?

Sometimes, YouTube video recommendations can be uncalled for, primarily if you must immediately address your badge notification. You can either turn off notifications for YouTube through iPhone settings or turn off recommendations on the YouTube app. To turn off notifications through iPhone settings, go to Settings, tap Notifications, and toggle off YouTube Notifications. To turn off recommendations, open the YouTube App, tap on your Account, select Settings, click Notifications, and toggle off Recommended Videos.

How Do I Delete My YouTube Channel?

To delete your YouTube channel, you’ll need access to a desktop. Login to your profile, go to Channel, then click on settings. Go to Advanced Settings, scroll down, and click Delete Channel. Click on Delete All Contents. Check the Boxes to confirm that you understand your action.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On YouTube Using An iPhone?

The innovative invert color feature on the iPhone doesn’t work on all third-party apps like YouTube. To turn on dark mode on YouTube, you’ll have to open the YouTube app, tap on the profile icon, and toggle on dark mode.
Go ahead and try the methods we’ve shown you for downloading music from YouTube to your iPhone. Let us know which process was more straightforward among all of them in the comment section.

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