How To Edit Facebook Story After Posting?

Facebook story editing options are fantastic when you don’t want the original post to be seen by your followers. But you are wondering how to edit your Facebook story after posting. Facebook has almost similar features when it comes to sharing stories with your friends and followers. Using the Facebook story feature, you can share any picture or video on your profile.

Sometimes you upload a wrong or unedited picture or video. You don’t want to share that story with some followers because it could be your personal picture or anything. Now you desperately want to edit the story privacy or settings after uploading. Don’t worry! This article will teach you how to edit any story you upload from your Facebook profile.

So, let’s dig inside the article to learn what you might be striving for.

What Is Facebook Story?

The Facebook story is an exciting feature that allows you to upload anything, including images, videos, text, and gifs. Anyone from your friend list can see that story on their Facebook timeline at the top of the screen.

Your Facebook story remains on your profile for about 24 hours. You can remove your Facebook story any time before twenty-four hours.

A video on your story lasts up to 20 seconds, and it remains 5 seconds for an image. You can set your video duration according to your need.

There is also a privacy feature of Facebook stories that allows you to restrict people from viewing them. You can keep it public or also private to some specific people from your friend list.

Also, You can set different privacy features when you open the story editing section on your Facebook profile. You can also save the story on your smartphone gallery.

You must keep Facebook privacy and rules in mind while uploading a story. We have given you a step-by-step guide below to learn about the story editing process on Facebook. 

Steps To Edit Facebook Story

You need to follow all the steps carefully to avoid any inconvenience regarding your Facebook privacy.

1. Open Facebook App

How To Edit Facebook Story After Posting

Unlock your smartphone and locate the Facebook app in your main menu. After discovering the Facebook app, open it by tapping on it. You can also upload a story through your profile by selecting any image and sharing the feature.

2. Open Facebook Settings

Open Facebook Settings

Now on the main Facebook app interface, tap on the three bars at the screen’s top right corner. It will open all the profile settings menu with multiple options.

3. Select Stories Feature

How To Edit Facebook Story After Posting

Now select the stories feature that is available in the list of options. It could be at any place, depending on your usage of features. It will be on the top of the list if you have used it recently. Tap on the stories button.

4. Create A New Story

Create A New Story

Now in the main story highlights feature, you will see a creating option at the top of the list. Tap on creating a story, choose any picture or video, or create self-designed text. After uploading or creating the status, tap on the share button.

5. Choose Only Share To Facebook

How To Edit Facebook Story After Posting

As you know, Meta is a group of different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp. 

When you press the share button, an option for Instagram sharing will open. But whether you share on your Instagram or just on Facebook depends.

6. Open Story Highlights From Your Settings Menu

Open Story Highlights From Your Settings Menu

When your story uploads, open the profile settings again and select the stories button. In the stories menu, you will see that your story appears just beside the new story creation button. Tap on your story button.

All the stories will show from your friend list in this section below your story.

7. Tap On Edit Story Button

Tap On Edit Story Button

When you tap on your uploaded story, two options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the edit story privacy button.

8. Choose Any Desired Story Editing Settings

How To Edit Facebook Story After Posting

A list of many options will appear associated with your Facebook story. You can select any desired option from the list: privacy or sharing options. You can use this option anytime after posting the story from your profile.

FAQs On My Facebook Story

How Do I Add Text To My Facebook Story?

You can add text to your Facebook story by following the steps below:
1. Open the Facebook app
2. Tap on three bar line on the top right screen corner
3. Tap on the stories option
4. Select create a new story
5. Choose the Text option the first in the list at the screen top
6. Enter any desired text and share it on your profile

Is There Any Way To Edit A Custom Story On Facebook?

Yes, you can edit a custom story on your Facebook profile by following below steps:
1. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone
2. Tap on your profile picture if you are using messenger
3. Select the settings option
4. Tap on the stories feature in the settings menu
5. Open your story 
6. Tap on three dots and superior edit story privacy
7. Tap on the custom option and choose the desired people with who you want to share your story with

Does Facebook Shows Who Viewed Your Facebook Story?

Yes, Facebook shows who viewed your story when you open it on the Facebook app or desktop. There is an option below on the story screen about the details of the people who viewed your story.

How Do I Find Facebook Story Settings?

You can find Facebook stories from your app settings menu. You need to select the feature in profile settings by tapping on your story option, where you can use the desired settings.

How Do I Delete Facebook Story?

You can delete the Facebook story by following the steps below:
1. Open the app or desktop version of Facebook
2. Open settings and select stories
3. Open your story and choose edit story privacy by tapping on the three dots button
4. Tap on the delete story option


Facebook always brings new updates with enhanced features on its platform for its users. The revolution on the Facebook platform is undeniably impressive when you see its marketing and other features.

If you find difficulty with how to edit your Facebook story after posting, check the guide above in this article.

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