How to Edit Sound on TikTok?

Using a good sound may enhance your TikTok video by appealing to emotions, accentuating characters, and creating the scene. Once you’ve found the right sound, you can edit for smooth plays.

TikTok includes simple in-app capabilities for doing simple sound changes. Our guide will show you how to edit sound on TikTok on your Android phone or tablet.

Step by Step

Tap the + icon in TikTok, a red and green music note. The + icon invites you to make a fresh TikTok video.

How to Edit Sound on TikTok?

Make a new video or tap Upload. You must have a video before you can add music. Press the big red circle on the lower part of your device to capture a video, and then click it again to end the recording.

How to Edit Sound on TikTok?

 You should only click the Next icon if you’ve uploaded media. Ensure you choose Default rather than “Sound Sync” to modify music in the following step manually. You could bypass this stage if you already had recorded a clip.

How to Edit Sound on TikTok

Click on Sounds, a pair of music chords at the lower part of your Android phone.

How to Edit Sound on TikTok

If the music track lasts more than your clip, the scissors you’re using will transform to white from grey.

Click the pair of scissors symbol on the top of your mobile screen, and you may only use it if the music track you’ve chosen is greater than the length of your uploaded or recorded clip.

How to Edit Sound on TikTok

Select the red checkmark, and it’ll save your modifications to TikTok.

Click volume, which is next to “Added sound” at the lower section of the screen.

Click volume, which is next to "Added sound

Pull the sliders for “Added sound” and “Original sound” as needed. If you wish to silence the original music, move the slider to the left, and you’ll see “0” above the slider.

Over the editing panel, select the video preview space. That option will vanish, and you will see TikTok’s standard editing tools.

Over the editing panel

Publish your video. Hit Next, type in the post details before tapping Post to finish the procedure.

It will vanish, and you will view TikTok’s standard editing tools.

It will vanish, and you will view TikTok's standard editing tools.

Another way you can edit sound on TikTok is editing in Camera. It involves having several recordings for, let’s say, a 15secs video. The recordings will reduce your post-sound editing work on TikTok.

Another way you can edit sound on TikTok is editing in Camera


On TikTok, how can I reduce sound?

Open the TikTok app, and press the ‘+’ button on the screen, followed by ‘Add sound’ at the upper section of your Android device. After selecting the scissors symbol next to it. It will take you to the TikTok sound-cutting tool!

Why can’t I adjust the volume of my TikTok video?

On TikTok, this is how you trim sound. Trimming enables you to adjust the beginning of a song only. You cannot construct a new mix by removing a whole section of a song’s center to create a personalized version of that song.

How can I find the TikTok trim button?

To use the app camera, open the TikTok application and touch the Record icon. Configure the timer and press the red ring to begin recording. Click Adjust clips from the editing tools on the right side of the display video trimming tool will appear.

How can you include music to TikTok after you’ve published?

To make a fresh video, launch TikTok and click the Add symbol. To access the audio panel, choose Sound on the upper part of the phone. Pick the music and hit the checkbox. You can also preview a song in the TikTok sound library to find a clip you like.

Where can I find the scissors symbol on TikTok?

The scissors symbol appears on the right part of your display, and you can use it only if the music file you’ve chosen is lengthier than the duration of your filmed or uploaded clip.


TikTok stands out among social media content platforms, and content ranges from amusing to silly to educational. But, a lack of sound and music will make it valueless.

Frequent TikTok users are experts, but it doesn’t mean newcomers can’t hack the tricks. Our guide will assist you in getting started generating some great-sounding clips.

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