How To Enable MMS On iPhone 12?

MMS does not limit the number of characters used in a message or the types of media that can be attached. Perhaps your data plan is limited, your internet connection is spotty, or you just prefer sending regular text messages. In this case, you should disable iMessage and switch to MMS or SMS instead. Read on to learn how to enable MMS on your iPhone 12.

You may also learn how to enable messenger chat heads on iPhone to have a better user-friendly environment.

Stepwise Methods To Enable MMS On iPhone 12.

By activating MMS on the iPhone, you can send photos, videos, audio files, and more to recipients who do not have access to iMessage. Although this is typically enabled by default, you may need to double-check if there are issues sending media. The short message service (SMS) is an older protocol that predated the ability to send attachments and pictures. 

There are two ways of setting up MMS on the iPhone. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide. 

Method 1  

Step 1

Open your iPhone and go to the ‘Settings option.

Open your iPhone and go to the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 2

To access your messages, click on the appropriate icon that is present in the column containing all the applications.

 click on the appropriate icon that is present in the column containing all the applications.

Step 3

To enable MMS messaging, go to the “SMS/MMS” column, and if required tap on the “MMS Messaging” toggle. 

To enable MMS messaging, go to the "SMS/MMS" column,

As an alternative, you can set up MMS on your iPhone by restoring it to its factory settings.

Method 2

Step 1

Select Settings and go to Mobile Data

Select Settings and go to Mobile Data

Step 2 

Make your selection under Mobile Data Network. Simply scroll down to the bottom and click the button that says “Reset Settings.”

Step 3

Select ‘Reset’. Your phone will reset to default Internet and MMS settings. This process will enable MMS on your iPhone 12.


What makes iMessage different from SMS/MMS? 

iMessage can use iMessage to send text messages and pictures to other mobile phones as well as to an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. You can tell that an SMS or MMS is not encrypted because the text bubbles they appear in are green. Having a text messaging plan is necessary for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages on an iPhone.

Why is it not possible to enable MMS on iPhone?

It’s possible that you won’t be able to activate MMS on your iPhone due to a few factors. One possible cause is that your network provider doesn’t offer MMS for iPhones. You could also have an unlocked phone that Apple doesn’t recognize. In either case, it’s probably best to get in touch with your service provider or Apple Support for answers.

Why are the images not loading on iPhone messages?

There are a few potential causes of photos in Messages on your iPhone aren’t showing up. It’s possible that your internet connection is down. Another possibility is that you have run out of space and cannot add any more pictures. Fix this by either increasing your storage space or deleting some old media files.

What is MMS?

Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) created the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to allow for the transmission of multimedia content over a text message. Picture transmission via phone cameras for instant delivery to a mobile recipient is a frequent use case for multimedia messaging services (MMS). Animations and graphical depictions of stock prices, sports news, and weather forecasts are further possibilities.

How do you send MMS on iPhone?

Launch Messages application on the iPhone and tap the recipient’s name or the name of a group chat to whom you wish to send the MMS. Select the photo or video you wish to send by single tapping on the compose button. This is in the upper right corner. Captioning your photo or video is as simple as tapping the caption field and typing your remark. There is a send button up there when you’re ready to send.

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