How To Factory Reset iPhone 4 Without Computer?

If you face the issue of slow working on your Apple iPhone 4, if the memory is full and you need to delete everything on it, or plan on selling or giving away your iPhone and don’t want anyone to have access to the information on it, a factory reset may be in order. With the factory reset system, your cellphone would be functioning normally and in an apt manner. Let’s figure out how to factory reset iPhone 4 without using the computer. We will show you how to format it.

Keep in mind that restoring a mobile device to its original settings will erase all of its data, so if you don’t want to risk losing it, you should back up your device beforehand. Depending on what information you have, you can reset your Apple iPhone 4 in a few different methods.

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Stepwise Methods To Factory Reset iPhone 4 Without Computer.

Method 1: Factory Reset iPhone4 from using iCloud.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to factory reset the iPhone 4 in the least troublesome manner. 

Step 1

Log in the iCloud with the same mail and account with which you logged in to find my device. 

Step 2 

After logging in, you’ll find the “Erase” button on your mobile screen. Click the Erase button after going through all the instructions. 

Step 3 

Your phone is revived to the factory settings and ready to back up all the stored data.

Method 2: Install ITunes.

Step 1

Turn off your iPhone 4.

Step 2

Launch iTunes and sync your iPhone 4 with a computer (you must have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac).

you must have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac

Step 3

 when the Apple logo appears, hold down the power button while simultaneously pressing and holding the center Home button or the lower Volume (iPhone 7 or higher).

Step 4

A countdown timer has been set to go off in around ten seconds.

Step 5

To achieve this, press and hold the Home button while letting go of the power button or lowering the volume (iPhone 7 or higher).

Step 6

When the iPhone is recognized by the computer after 30 seconds in DFU mode, you can stop holding the Home button and reduce the volume (iPhone 7 or higher).

Step 7

Click the “Restore” button on iTunes on your PC

Step 8 

The smartphone will be formatted and updated to the most recent version of iOS.

Step 9 

Once the process is complete, the iPhone will restart, and if the iCloud account is activated, it will ask for the associated email and password.

Things to keep in mind before Reseting your iPhone : 

  • Back up your iPhone to not lose important stuff. 
  • Sign Out Apple ID from your device. 
  • Reset all the settings to default. 
  • Sign out all the connected devices like iPad, Macbook, and Apple watch. 
  • Remove payment cards and confidential credentials from your device. 

After successfully performing all these activities, you can now safely set your phone on factory reset. 


How do I factory Reset my iPhone 4?

Tap erase all the content and settings. 

For setting up new content and settings, iPhone allows users to erase the existing data and store the new, or you can restore your data from backup. 

How do I factory Reset my data by just using buttons?

Keep pressing the home and sleep/wake buttons continuously for a minimum of 10 seconds or more when the apple logo appears on the screen, release the buttons. After this, your iPhone will go through a standard startup process. Then after you will be redirected to the introductory screen.

Can you factory reset the iPhone without using a computer? 

After upgradation, Apple avails their users to reset iPhones without the need for a PC. Tidbit in iOS 15.2 is finally helping apple users across the world to erase the data and reset data in their iPhones and iPads by using a PC or Macbook. 

How to reset your iPhone without using a passcode or a computer?

Go to, and enter your Apple ID with your password. Navigate to Find my device/Find iPhone and tap on it. Select the option All Devices and choose the device you want to reset out of the options availed. Click Erase for the selected device to reset your iPhone. 

How do I erase my locked iPhone data?

Keep entering your passcode from the lock screen until it asks you to try again later. Keep repeating the action until it asks you to reset or Erase the iPhone/iPad at the bottom corner of the screen. Tap on the erase and option and confirm it erases all data.

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