How To Find Apple Id Password On iPhone?

Apple ID is the essential part of your iPhone for running mobile services and other features. iCloud, on the other hand, is also attached to your Apple ID, which helps to keep your iPhone privacy stored within its capacity. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Find Apple Id Password On iPhone.

Sometimes you may forget your Apple ID password and desperately need your phone services. That is when you realize how vital this Apple ID is to your iPhone.

Don’t worry! There are several ways to recover your Apple ID. In this article, you will learn the easiest way. 

So, hold your seat belts tight because we will land more profound into the article to discover the method to recover your Apple ID.

What Is Apple ID?

The famous Steve Jobs Apple company founder introduces the Apple ID for its product users to authenticate their identity. Authentication through Apple ID is the only way to get access to your iPhone services to get worked.

This unique ID is also used to secure your iPhone when it gets lost or stolen. No one can access your iPhone without entering your Apple ID. So basically, this ID also provides more security features to your device.

How To Find Apple ID Password On IPhone?

Sometimes you don’t remember your Apple ID password due to no usage for a long time. It could be a helpless moment when you can’t use any iPhone features.

Don’t worry! A step-by-step guide below will make you recover your Apple ID password most easily and possibly introduced by Apple.

So, let’s jump into the guide and get your ID password back quickly.

Steps To Find Apple ID Password on iPhone.

You need to follow each step below carefully to find the password of your Apple ID:

  • Open your iPhone Settings.
Open your iPhone Settings

First, unlock your iPhone and open the settings from the main menu by tapping on the unique gear logo on Apple devices.

  • Open Apple ID Account Settings
How To Find Apple Id Password On iPhone

You will see your Apple ID name with a logo or picture on the top. You need to open your Apple ID settings by tapping on it.

  • Select Password And Security
Select Password And Security

There will be multiple options in your Apple Id settings, but you must choose the security and settings. Simply tap on the password & security option.

  • Check Your Attached Phone Number
Check Your Attached Phone Number

In the password & security option, you need to ensure that your cellular number is attached to your Apple ID. If you don’t, then connect a number or check the number whether it is working on your mobile phone or not.

  • Tap On Sign-Out 
How To Find Apple Id Password On iPhone

Now you need to be careful in the following step. Tap the sign-out button after ensuring your mobile number is attached to your Apple ID.

  • Tap On Forgot Password
Tap On Forgot Password

The Apple ID login screen will appear now; you don’t know the password, just your Apple ID. It would be best if you tapped on the forget password button mentioned below the password entering the box.

  • Enter Your Phone Number Digits
Enter Your Phone Number Digits

You will be asked to put your phone number to recover your account password. Now you must enter the right attached cellular number on the screen and execute 0the process.  

  • Enter The Verification Code
How To Find Apple Id Password On iPhone

After that process, you will receive an SMS with a verification code on your mobile number, which is attached to your Apple ID. Now enter that verification code and tap on next. If you don’t receive the SMS, tap on the “didn’t get the verification code.”

  • Enter New Password
Enter New Password

After entering the correct code, a new window will open with an option to set your new Apple ID password. After entering your new password, re-enter it to verify and press the next button on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Now Use New Apple ID Password
Now Use New Apple ID Password

Your password of Apple ID will be changed and recovered after the above procedure. You can use all the iPhone features and iCloud attached to your Apple ID.

FAQs on Apple Id

Does Apple ID Password Store On My iPhone?

Yes, Apple does store your passwords and notes on the iCloud system. The password saves on the very secure feature of iCloud called “iCloud keychain.” 
All security-related information is stored in this Apple feature on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and touch iPod.

How Do I Recover My Apple ID?

You can recover your Apple ID on someone’s Apple device by following the easiest steps below:
1. Open your iPhone app store
2. Download Apple support
3. Select the option “password & security.”
4. Tap on the reset Apple Id password option
5. Now, tap on the get started option
6. Choose a different Apple ID option
7. Now put your Apple ID email and follow the instructions for further process

Is There Any Resemblance Between Gmail And Apple ID?

There are many resemblances and differences between the Apple ID and Gmail. Gmail can be used as an email for Apple ID. Apple ID is a username, but Gmail could be a part of your iCloud. 
Apple ID is linked with your Apple services, including iTunes, Appstore, Facetime, and iMessage. You can reset your Apple ID password through the Gmail account on which your Apple ID is registered.

How Do I Change My Apple ID Password?

1. Open your Apple device iPhone or iPad settings
2. Locate and select password and security option
3. Find the change password option and tap on it
4. Now, put your current password or pin that you enabled on your device
5. Enter your new password after entering the old password
6. Now tap the change password option

How Do I Use My Gmail Account Instead Of Apple ID?

You can take the benefit of Gmail as a primary login account of your Apple ID. Gmail can store your Apple ID security information and can be used during your account recovery.


The most simple and quick method to find your Apple ID password on your iPhone is mentioned above in this article. You may find it difficult sometimes because Apple security is more robust when protecting their customer’s privacy.

So please follow each step carefully to avoid any mistake regarding your account suspension or not recovering your password.

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