How to Find Deleted Facebook Posts?

There are occasions when someone deletes a post a Facebook, whether accidentally or on purpose. There are times that you may need access to it for whatever reason. Is it possible to find a post that’s been deleted on Facebook? Here’s how to find deleted Facebook posts. You can also read how to recover deleted Messenger messages.

Steps To Find Your Own Deleted Posts

It is possible to recover posts you have deleted from your own timeline. To do so:

  1. Open Facebook and log in to your account.
  2. On your Newsfeed, tap your profile picture thumbnail. This can be located either on the upper left or right of your screen. Tapping it will take you to your timeline.
Facebook and log in to your account .On your Newsfeed, tap your profile picture thumbnail.

3. Tap the button with the ellipse/three dots arranged horizontally. It can be found under your profile picture, cover photo, and bio on the right side of your screen. A floating window will appear.

4. Tap Activity Log.

Tap Activity Log.

5. The right side of the Activity Log displays your posts, interactions, etc. Scroll down and tap Recycle Bin. On mobile, it can also be viewed under Trash.

Scroll down and tap Recycle Bin.

6. Tapping on the Recycle Bin button will show the posts you’ve deleted for the past 30 days. Find the post you want to recover.

7. Tap the ellipse/three dots on the right end of the post and select the option to restore it to your timeline. Alternatively, you can also choose to move it to the archive or permanently delete it. 

choose to move it to the archive or permanently delete it. 

Can You Find Someone’s Deleted Facebook Posts?

There is no way to access someone else’s posts using your own account. The only way you can restore another person’s Facebook posts is to gain access to their account. If you have their login credentials (and their consent, of course), you can log in to their account and follow the same procedure as you would restore your own deleted posts.

If you cannot log in to their account, your only option is to request the other party to restore it themselves.

Alternative Measures

If there is a significant following to the profile who made the post, you could find the same post on a third party site. Some third-party sites mirror the content in popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If the post is about a celebrity or social media influencer, there is a high chance you can still find that content in these sites.

Alternatively, someone else could have reposted or saved a screenshot of the content. For example, if you’re looking for a post about a project in school, you could ask a classmate if they have a saved copy of the material.

If you are looking for a deleted post to use as evidence for court, you could request a download of their Facebook information. You can get this if the other person chooses to cooperate or if you have the support of a court order.


How can I recover deleted Facebook posts?

You can recover your own Facebook posts by going to your Trash or Recycle Bin and recovering the post within 30 days from deletion.

Can I recover deleted photos on Facebook?

You can recover deleted photos by downloading your archive from the General Settings of your profile. Once you’ve extracted the files, you can proceed to look for your photos.

How long does Facebook retain deleted data?

Once you have deleted your Facebook account, Facebook allows you 30 days to restore it and its accompanying data.

Does deleting my account automatically delete my posts?

Deleting your account will render your posts publicly invisible. No one will have any access to posts you have made on the site.

How can I recover deleted photos from Messenger?

You can recover deleted Messenger photos by downloading your Facebook archive or using Facebook photo recovery software.


Recovering Facebook posts is not an impossible task, especially if it is your own. However, it’s crucial to remember that Facebook will only retain that information for 30 days. After that, it will be gone forever. The best thing to do is to backup your data beforehand or to carefully reconsider before you delete a post.

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