How To Find iPhone Without Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone has been a convenient app for many iPhone and Apple users to locate their devices quickly. Whenever our iPhone goes missing, we use this app. And most of the time, it helps us get our lost or missing devices back. This app has made all iPhone users secure whenever their devices go missing. But what happens when the device has the Find My iPhone feature disabled in their device? When this feature is not enabled, it might get tricky while searching for your iPhone. But let’s head further about how you can Find your iPhone without the Find my iPhone app.

Find an iPhone without Find My iPhone

One of the first things we do after our iPhone goes missing is try to locate it through the Find My iPhone app. With the app, you can quickly locate your iPhone. But if the app has been disabled, it might be hard for you to find your iPhone through the app or iCloud. Without access to the Find, My app, and iCloud many of us feel that it is almost impossible to find our iPhones. But there is still some possibility of finding your iPhone through Google Maps, and here is how you can do it.

Follow The Quick Steps

  1. Go to the Google Maps Timeline from your Computer or directly enter the following website:
  2. Make sure the Location History is turned on from the bottom of the screen. If the location history is turned off, you won’t be able to find your iPhone through this method.
  3. Now, if the Location history was turned on, select the last date you saw your iPhone.
  4. Check the last location of the iPhone and go to find your iPhone in the location.

What to do if your iPhone is Lost?

Many of us panic and get blank when we lose our iPhones or any other device. Of course, it is natural for us to panic in such cases, but there are essential things we must do as soon as we lose our iPhones. Here are some important measures you must follow after losing your iPhone.

Look for your iPhone on a map

The first thing you can do after losing your phone is to find it on a map. Log into your iCloud and find your phone on the map. You can also use the Find My app on any other apple device for this purpose. If you don’t have access to iCloud or the Find My iPhone app, you can also use Google Maps. 

Mark your iPhone as Lost

If you don’t find your device at the location, you can mark the device as lost. Doing so will lock the phone with a passcode, keeping all the information safe. Marking your phone as lost also disables Apple Pay on the iPhone, and you can display a custom message of your contact message on the missing iPhone.

Report it to local law enforcement

If you suspect that the iPhone has been stolen or can’t find it anywhere, you can report it to local law enforcement. They might ask you for the device serial number to find your device. You can find your device’s serial number through your Apple ID in the devices section.

File for a Theft and Loss claim on AppleCare+

If your device is insured with AppleCare+, you can file for a theft and loss claim. Then, you can place a claim for an iPhone replacement. First, you need to mark your device as lost, and then you can start your claim through the Apple Support page.

Remotely Erase your device

You can also remotely erase all your data from the device. If you have an iOS 15 or higher device, you can still locate your iPhone through the Find My app or play a sound on it. But for devices with iOS 14 or below, you can’t find it through the app once you erase the data.

Contact your carrier

If you lose your device, contact your carrier to disable your account and prevent misuse. You can ask them to disable it so that the thief or someone who finds it can’t make calls or texts and misuse your account for any other fraudulent activities.

FAQs On Finding iPhone

Can I turn on iPhone tracking from other devices?

It would help if you got Find my iPhone turned on from your phone before tracking it. You can track your iPhone from any other device if you have to Find my iPhone turned on your device. But If you don’t have it already turned on on your device, you can neither track nor turn it on remotely.

Can you track someone’s location on an iPhone?

You can track a friend’s location through the Find My app on your iPhone. But you need permission from the person on the iPhone. If someone shares their location with you, you can locate them on a map via the Find My app. You can also turn Precise Location on and see how far your friend is from you. 

Can someone know if I check their location on my iPhone?

After someone shares their location with you, you can track it through the Find My Friend feature on the app. When to check their location, the friend won’t know how many times you check their location on the app. The other person won’t get notified when you view their location through the Find My app. The location is generally shared when you request it, so they will know if you first check their location.

Can someone track my iPhone without me knowing?

No, someone can only track your location on Find My app only after you share your location. After that, the other person can request your location through the app, and the location is not shared at regular intervals. So you can be safe that no one can track your location on the Find My Friends app without your consent.

Can a stolen iPhone be used?

Even after the lost iPhone is entirely erased, the lost iPhone can’t be used. The stolen iPhone will have an activation lock which the person will have to break through to use the iPhone properly. When the iPhone turns up, it will ask for Apple ID and password; nobody can use it without the login credentials. Generally, thieves try to scam other people into thinking they are buying a new iPhone and sell other people the stolen iPhone.

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