How To Find Lives On Instagram?

Live streaming is the new hype on Instagram; for many, it’s hard to find their first live. So, where do you look, or how do you even use Instagram live show? This article will guide you on How To Find Lives On Instagram?

It becomes a pain point for most people who want to start looking into Instagram Live.

You also probably know that Instagram Live is a relatively recent feature after IGTV removal, but you don’t know how to find live videos on Instagram. Social media influencers have started seeing live video as the most effective medium to connect with fans and build brand loyalty. Many Instagram users are looking to do the same, and there are undoubtedly many benefits to using it.

Learning how to find lives on Instagram is easier than you think. In this article, you will find the quickest way to find Instagram live.

So, let’s dig deeper inside the article to explore what you want to know about Instagram live.

What Is Instagram Live?

Instagram live is a unique and most popular feature among social media influencers who connect with their fans worldwide by going straight live from their account.

You can broadcast or stream your live video, either collaborating with someone or trying to get talky with your followers. 

If someone from your Instagram followers gets live, a notification will receive on your smartphone notification bar about that activity. You can view them live or watch the video after the session ends.

Instagram live videos usually disappear after the session ends, but it depends on whether the user wants others to see them later on their profile. 

You can usually watch an Instagram live video within 24 hours; the video will automatically disappear. 

Recently Instagram removed its IGTV feature and introduced reels instead of that. So previously, you could find live videos easily with the help of IGTV, but now you must locate them manually or by following the live story of the person you are following.

A step-by-step guide below will describe the most helpful way to check Instagram lives.

What are the Steps To Find Instagram Lives?

You need to follow each step explained by screenshots below to find the Instagram lives:

  • Open Instagram App
Open Instagram App

Open your Instagram app and login into your account if you are not already logged in. On the main home screen, you will see the story section at the top, where all the people you follow share their stories. If someone among them gets live on Instagram, the story where the name is showing a live button will appear.

  • Open Search Option
How To Find Lives On Instagram

Now you need to open the search option by tapping on the search logo at the screen’s bottom. Tap on the search bar at the screen’s top, and type Instagram lives and search.

  • Select Instagram Live Hashtag
How To Find Lives On Instagram

When you search Instagram live, many options will appear regarding accounts and tags. You need to select the tags menu and tap on the top Instagram live tag. You will see a recent option at the top of Instagram live videos. Tap on it and select any of the recent videos or the videos that you want to see.

  • Open The Video And Follow The Account
Open The Video And Follow The Account

After following the video, you want to see open the account from which the video was live. Follow the account if you are not already following it.

  • Open The Video Reels Section Of That Account
Open The Video Reels Section Of That Account

Now you need to open the account, and on the main profile, you will see the video reels logo in the middle of the three options above posts. Tap on it and select the live video you want to watch.

  • Check The Video Showing It Was Live Earlier
How To Find Lives On Instagram

You can now see the caption “was live” above the profile name. That means the Instagram live session of this account recently ended, and now you can see the replay of that Instagram live.

FAQs On Instagram Lives

Can I Find Random Instagram Lives?

As per Instagram features, there is no way to find random lives, but there is a trick to finding some lives on Instagram. You need to follow the steps below to locate the random Instagram lives:
1. Open your Instagram app
2. Log in to your Instagram account
3. Open the search option on the main home screen
4. Search for the hashtag Instagram live in the search bar
5. Tap on the recent choice, and there you can find all the random recently uploaded Instagram lives

How Do I Go Live On Instagram?

You can go live on Instagram by following the most straightforward steps below:
1. Open your Instagram app on your smartphone
2. Tap on the plus button given at the bottom center of the screen
3. Now, your camera will open, and you need to select the live option given besides the reel feature
4. Now add the title schedule and audience 
5. Start the Instagram live session by tapping on the camera capturing button

Is IGTV Still Works 2022?

According to the Instagram policy updates in October 2021, IGTV was officially removed from the Instagram platform. Instagram introduced its video feature called Instagram TV after that. 
Instagram ended its contract with IGTV and initially had rumors that it might launch IGTV after rebranding its new features. But who knows what took them so long to do that, or it was just a rumor.

Is There Any Difference Between A IGTV And Reels?

There are a lot of differences between a reel and IGTV. The main difference is the time duration which is 60 minutes for IGTV and a maximum of 60 seconds for an Instagram reel.


You may have heard of Instagram Stories, but there are many other kinds of live Instagram content out there. Finding them isn’t always easy, though. 

Instagram Live is a great new feature for finding live videos on Instagram – but it has its settings and quirks. To help you understand better how to find lives on Instagram, you can see the guide above in this article with simple and easy steps.

If you think this article helps in solving your problem, take a moment to appreciate it in the comment section below.

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